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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Greetings from our farm! 

Did you see the beautiful Harvest moon last night? It was a beauty for sure. We hope you didn’t miss it.

What’s in our shares this week? Some of the following will show up this week: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Peppers, at least two Squash varieties, plus the new crop of just dug Sweet potatoes from Pea Ridge in Lincoln County, Tn.  These sweet potatoes are less fibrous than most, they’re quite mellow, and rich in flavor. 

We wanted to have okra or green beans for you this week in your shares but with all the rain we decided against it. Since these vegetables are packed in containers or in bags, they tend to mold quickly due to the plants being rain soaked and packed densely.

Information about the peppers you receive in your shares:

Hot peppers are great for adding flavors to recipes and are also great for pickling, making salsa or chutneys.  

Sweet peppers add a level of dimension, flavor and crunchiness  to your  meals. Sweet peppers are great for skillet dishes, omelet’s, fresh salads, salsas, casseroles, and fajitas. Sweet peppers also make wonderful vessels for stuffing a variety of ingredients including; beef, tofu, rice or other veggies. Sweet peppers are also perfect for roasting on the grill or for making any type of kebab for the grill. You can quickly blanch them, then freeze right away afterward to use later in your dishes!

Summer squash will be in your share this week and it is great roasted or stuffed, steamed, shredded raw into salads, cooked casseroles, or baked goods. Use in stir fries, or as a great substitute for potato fries and noodles. Canned into a relish or sliced and frozen for use at a later date.

The Fruit Lovers shares this week contain the variety Mutsu.

That’s about it until next week, please stay safe and stay well everyone.

Judy and John