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Want to register for the farm’s 2023 CSA season?

Registration for the 2023 CSA season is now open! Just click on the red “Shop Now” button on the left side of this page.

Emails to members in the spring-summer 2022 season at Doe Run Farms, have been sent an email today (12-20-22) with your discount code information in it.  It also has a bit of fun news for New Year’s Day in it too!

We used the email addresses used on your last seasons registration form.


Newsletter Oct.3, 2022

CSA Friends,

We’ve reached the end of another CSA season, and it simply raced by, or at least it seemed that way to us! We really hope enjoyed your harvest share this season, and we invite you to sign  up for 2023. Our registration for 2023 will open online in mid-December. We will send an email to your email inbox to let you know once registration opens.

We would be remiss if we didn’t pass along a big “thank you” to everyone for joining us for this summer’s harvest. Without you, our farms would not have a CSA program! For your support of our growing efforts, we as well as the farms that collaborate with us to deliver your shares each week, are grateful and humbled by the confidence you place in us. We will continue to do our best for you.

Our farmers grow more than one variety of winter squash, and on this final week we are including three varieties in your shares. Delicata which is striped, Butternut which most are familiar with seeing, and Acorn which is a favorite of many. Eat your Delicata first, your Butternut last since it stores well for a few months, and eat the Acorn in between these other two! They’re all different and all delicious! There are a myriad of recipes you’ll find for all three winter squash varieties if you will “google” their name on the internet.
What’s in my share this week?  Delicata squash, Butternut squash, Acorn squash, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes (store at room temp.) Arkansas Black apples, Summer squash.

Home delivery members: Please leave your cooler and ice block out on your delivery day this week. This week, please use a personal cooler out for us to leave your share in case the weather has a mind of its own. This week is the final delivery.

“A tip of the hat goes” goes out also to our farm Drivers Elaine and Howard, as well as to our outstanding site Coordinators and Neighborhood hosts! Each of you have been wonderful to work with this season and have done a terrific job assisting CSA members at your site(s). I sure hope I haven’t forgotten to mention anyone who deserves a “shout out”.

In closing, may the upcoming holiday seasons be filled with love, blessings and good health!

Judy, John, and your farmers from Doe Run Farms CSA




CSA News Addition 9-26-22

CSA Farm Friends,

We hope you received the email that we sent to your email address yesterday.  It was an update pertaining to these last two weeks of CSA. Please check your email addresses as well as your Spam and Junk files, just in case.

We listed what we plan to have in your CSA shares this week.  In addition to what was listed in yesterday’s email, you will also get some purple hull peas this week.  These have to be shelled – they are a wonderful addition to a cold salad or good as a side dish.  To cook just chop about 4 slices bacon into segments and render until crispy in a nice deep pot.  Once crispy take the bacon out and set aside. Add about a cup or so of Chicken broth to the drippings left from the bacon, salt and pepper to your liking. Bacon will be salty so consider this when seasoning.  Cook on low heat with a lid until tender.  Add a bit of water if more liquid is needed to finish cooking them tender.

Last delivery will be the week of Oct.4, 5 and 6th on your usual delivery day. Next week is the last week to use your Credit for a make up share.  Let us know by Sunday evening if you want a make up share delivered on your last delivery day.   Sunday night is the deadline for us to get everyone taken care of on the last delivery.

Until next week,

Judy.  (check your email in box)


Hello again farm friends,

After deliveries this week, we will only have two more CSA deliveries this season. This season has flown by quicker than most it seems. I love this time of year with all the changes taking place around us. The trees on the hills that surround our farm are beginning to change color, and the cool weather of the past week has been a real pleasure. Though we still have more summer heat hanging on, we’ve had a preview of autumn. .

Every year on our farms is different – and this year has been a hot and hard summer to raise food crops. We’ve faced heartache as well – a couple of our farm families suffered tragic family losses  this summer. We lost one of our Amish farmers this summer due to a tragic farm accident, and one of our farmers lost his son suddenly to a brief but devastating illness. We hope the good times and memories of them, will bring comfort to both families now.

This farm could not exist if not for the incredible people who work here and on our partner farms. They help to make our farm’s CSA program possible. As one of our CSA members,  you give purpose to each one of our farms and you support our farm with your purchase of a share of our harvests. We thank you so much.

What’s in our share this week”?  Green beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, red Marconi sweet peppers, acorn squash and yippee- Delicata squash. Delicious cooked in both sweet and savory recipes. Oh, and by the way, you can eat the skin on the Delicata squash if you want. Google “Delicata squash recipes” for a multitude of delightful recipes for this equally delightful squash!

The Combo shares get fruit this week: Apples, and the variety is Mutsu Crispin. 

Have a great week!











Newsletter September 12, 2022

Greetings CSA Friends!

This crisp cool weather is a harbinger of the weather we will have more of in the weeks to come. Personally I am loving it!

Goldenrod is bursting out in the fields in our area as  we look forward to the Autumn equinox on September 22. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the full moon closest to the autumn equinox rises around sunset for several days in a row, and it provides farmers the extra light needed to harvest the last crops before the frost sets in. Farmers always make wise use of the daylight, even as our days get shorter, so we can harvest fresh veggies for you until season’s end. After this week, we will only have 3 more weeks of CSA.

Some summer crops are winding down now but some such as sweet peppers and winter squash are beautiful this time of year. The winter squash makes for hearty and healthy soups and even pie! Butternut squash soup is a delicious soup for this time of year, be sure to try it if you haven’t. Of course, fall always means it’s time for a new crop of Sweet potatoes. Our sweet potato farmer has the best ones of all in our opinion, consistently! They’re so full of healthy fiber and are just plain yummy!

What’s in our shares this week”?  Tomatoes, October beans, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Sweet peppers, (Marconi’s) Sweet potatoes, Spaghetti squash, Onions and – I hope I haven’t left anything out!

Here is a link that tells you how to cook October beans, aka Cranberry beans. First though, you have to shell them!

The Combo share
gets Tomatoes this week- The Fruit Shares get Golden Delicious apples. These are great cooking apples. Think: Apple pie, Apple Crisp, Fried (Stewed Apples) Apple Butter.

Tip: Spaghetti Squash is great once it’s roasted by scraping it out of the skin with a fork and adding some melted butter with honey mixed in to taste. Just fold it into the squash to taste and serve hot. We love it this way.

We wish you a wonderful week!