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Tennessee & Alabama CSA


Newsletter June 27, 2022

Good afternoon CSA friends,

Did you get rain? We sure hope you got some yesterday or today. We had a shower late yesterday that really helped to give us a bit of heat relief! It was much appreciated!

Our daughter and Son-in-law (Barry who many of you have met) visited for dinner yesterday and we enjoyed some good family time. I made enough food for a small army and they happily carried some home with them. I love it when I can fix a meal our kids enjoy. Memories come flooding in of days gone by. Get your children involved in your meal planning and cooking. Be patient, teach them, let them help you in the kitchen. First thing you teach them is about safety in the kitchen. You and your children will be making memories together, those memories will be priceless.

If you have a recipe link to a favorite recipe using veggies or fruit, would you like to share it? I’ll pass it along here to everyone. I’ll bet most of us would like to add a new recipe or two to our recipe books.  Here’s a link to a delicious recipe using eggplant: 

If you worry during summer that you aren’t drinking enough water to stay hydrated, many vegetables and fruits you receive in your CSA share will come to the rescue. Salad greens, berries, tomatoes, cauliflower, zucchini and peppers are 90% water according to “My Southern Health” which is a publication ‘powered’ by Vanderbilt University. Cucumbers are also hydrating, so enjoy them often in a green salad.
Tomato Lovers shares begin this week, and we couldn’t be happier. Get ready for some delicious bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches!  Add a couple slices of avocado and a thin slice of Vidalia onion and you’ve got yourself a delicious sandwich! Toasting your bread only makes your sandwich better.

Home delivery members-don’t forget to set the cooler and ice block out for us.

What’s in our shares this week? It’s early in the week-but this is our best guess right now: Eggplant, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Sweet corn, Cucumbers, Green peppers, Onions.Lettuce. Fruit this week: yummy blueberries.

We hope you are enjoying your shares, and we are grateful you chose our farm’s CSA to help feed your family. We appreciate each one of you.

Until next week – Peace,





Newsletter for June 20, 2022

Greetings from our farms!

Heat got you down yet! Hang in there folks things could always be worse.
Listening to the news today on the radio, I heard that farms having thousands of acres in the Central Valley of California where a lot of fresh vegetables and produce are grown and shipped to stores, are letting their land lie fallow for possibly a year or longer, due to drought and water restrictions. Prices and scarcity of some food on store shelves will reflect what’s taking place in California.
Thankfully, we will have plenty to eat fresh, to can or freeze thanks to being a part of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Our farm’s CSA registration will be closing for the season within the next week, so if you have friends that may be interested in joining, let them know this is  “last call” for this year.

Home Delivery Members:.Please, don’t forget to put coolers and an ice block out on your delivery day! The heat takes a toll on fresh vegetables.

Note: It’s a good idea to keep a cooler in your trunk that you can pop a frozen ice block into, on CSA delivery day  just in case you are delayed getting your share home after pick up. Better safe than sorry!

What’s in my share this week? Bulb onions, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, sweet banana peppers, cabbage, beets, and early sweet corn which gets better and better as the season progresses! Tomatoes are scarce as hens teeth right now, but in a week or two that will change by the way our tomato crops are looking right now. Chin up- their on the way! Those yummy Blueberries are the Fruit this week for members that ordered a fruit or combo share.

Here are a couple of links to some delicious recipes using your CSA share this week!

Corn –  (Corn fritters, grilled corn salad and more).

Cucumbers – Tomato, Cucumber, and Feta salad –

Give theses recipes a try, and if you have a recipe using food from your CSA share, kindly tell us all about it! I know for a fact we have some wonderful cooks in our group! Show us your stuff, c’mon now!

Be sure to extend a loving hand to someone who needs it. Until next week, peace.




Glorious Sweet Corn-it’s here and it only gets better! If the tip has a few worms in it, don’t panic, it hasn’t been sprayed when you find a few hitchhikers. Doesn’t happen often.  Just remove them, rinse corn and enjoy!




News for Monday June 13, 2022

Good afternoon!

We hope everyone is staying well hydrated today-this weather is dangerous! 

We are settling into the CSA routine and we hope you are as well.

A gentle reminder – eat any fruit in your shares first, then eat in the order of what’s most perishable in your shares next. Fruit should be eaten in the first couple days.

Meg, a friend and member of CSA, mentioned in a sweet note to us, that she washes and preps items in her share each week as soon as she receives it. That way they are ready to cook at a moments notice. Meg also has a Son who is a professional Chef who gives her ideas and brainstorms with her on using her share in creative ways. One recipe she said we could share with you is for a versatile “Beet Green Pesto”.  Meg said “the Beet Green Pesto was a challenge I set for myself this week”. I’m not crazy about beet greens as is, but I refused to waste them, so I found this recipe, and I love it! I put it over some roasted chicken and roasted cauliflower last night. Tonight I’m roasting some onions, tomatoes and zucchini, and will mix them with pasta and some more of the pesto. It’s also good as a dip for cucumber slices and carrots, or slathered on bread as part of a sandwich.

Here is the link to the Beet Green Pesto:  if you’d like to give it a try yourself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! 

“What’s in our shares this week”?  Cucumbers, onions, squash, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, Conehead cabbage, green beans and beets! Fruit this week- peaches/blueberries.  YUM!  The peaches are cling peaches (early peaches). Freestone peaches come a bit later. 

Get outdoors tonight or tomorrow night and enjoy viewing the Super Moon, aka a “Strawberry Moon”. This moon is closer to earth than normal and appears quite large in the night sky. It should be beautiful!

Until next week,


Fruit Lovers Shares Strawberries /Peaches

News June 6, 2022

Greetings from Doe Run Farms!

I’m going to start off this week with a link on how to make one of my favorite things to keep on hand. I’m always telling our CSA members not to throw away tiny smidgens of onion, carrots and other veggie scraps, and instead freeze them in zip lock bags for making a delicious, healthy Vegetable broth. So, without further adieu, here is your link:     This broth can be used as a base for many recipes, and it’s one you’ll be glad you have on hand – in your freezer. Give it a try!

What’s in our shares this week”?  Hoping for Tomatoes, but crossing my fingers – bulb onions, lettuce, summer squash, zucchini, peaches, beets, cucumbers and a few tomatoes. Tomatoes are not coming in strong yet, they’re just playing with our emotions right now. It’ll be soon though!

Home Delivery Members  –  please leave our cooler out and include the ice block also. We will replace the block each week. Thanks!

Those delicious strawberries are in the Fruit Lovers shares,  and everyone will get a few peaches from the orchard this week. Hip,hip,hooray!

A Friendly reminder: We ask you kindly to only call your driver if you have an Emergency on your delivery day. We ask drivers to not use their phones while driving. If you call, be prepared to leave a message and they will return your call when they can safely pull off the road. IF they haven’t returned your call in 15 minutes, call Judy or John at 931-625-2651 or 931-625-0658.

Our website has the pick up locations, times, etc available online. The CSA Guidelines that were sent to your email address, has the phone number of your CSA Coordinator listed for your pick up location.  If we are running late, check with the coordinator at your location. We will be in contact with him/her.

Have a wonderful week!


Fruit Lovers Shares Strawberries /Peaches

Fruit Lovers Shares Strawberries /Peaches



Newsletter, May 30, 2022

Good Afternoon CSA members,

We hope your holiday has been a good one so far!

We didn’t post a Memorial Day greeting per se on our website since I knew that I would be personally greeting each of you, that reads our brief newsletter today.

Hug your families a little tighter and enjoy yourselves today, but do take some time to remember and honor the sacrifices our Servicemen and their families have made and are still making for all of us. Today is their day. May God bless our troops and their loved ones.

This week we plan to have the following veggies that are listed below in your shares, though some shares may differ in contents from time to time.  (Some members may get summer squash instead of zucchini one week, and some may get zucchini and not squash-it all depends on how much is picked on your delivery day) This happens with your shares throughout the summer season.

What’s in my share this week”?  Summer squash, zucchini, green onions, green cabbage, beets, broccoli, and maybe even one tomato for everyone! Tomatoes are on the horizon, but we have a “teaser” for everyone – hopefully we don’t run out until the last share has been packed. A hint: don’t throw away your beet greens, instead wash them well, dry them thoroughly, chop them up, season with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Sauté them for a few minutes until they’re wilted, and you’ll be in for a nice little treat.

Home delivery customers, please remember to put your coolers out!

We look forward to seeing you this week,