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Tennessee & Alabama CSA


Newsletter, September 6, 2022

Good morning!

For everyone who enjoyed the taste of those delicious blueberries in your share a few weeks ago, I thought you might enjoy reading a short article I recently read about a study about how supplementing the diet of middle age people with blueberries, may lower the risk of developing late-life dementia. Prior to this, studies have focused on much older people. Here is the link to the article written by Alison Bosman from  The research study was conducted at the University of Cincinnati by Dr. Robert Krikorian.

What’s in my CSA share this week? Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Summer squash, Okra, Spaghetti squash, Zucchini, Peppers, and new crop Sweet Potatoes! Didn’t have much Eggplant this week-but there may be enough for the Large shares since there are fewer of those.

The Fruit Share this week: “Jonna Gold” Apples.  Just picked at the orchard!  Combo Shares: “Jonna Gold” Apples

Fall of the year is upon us now as evidenced by the seasonal Winter squash and Sweet potatoes showing up in shares this week. Eating seasonally is what our CSA is all about! Eating the foods your body needs and craves to build up your immune system for the coming cooler weather is much easier in CSA. We hope you are enjoying your shares this season.

Since it’s Tuesday and the news is late, I’ll end right here this week. We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day holiday!

Until next week,




Newsletter, August 29, 2022


Has this summer flown by for you?  It sure has for us.  Hard to believe that Labor Day is upon us, school has started, and before long we will have this summer in our rear view mirrors. No more summer bar-b-cues, swim meets for the kiddos or summer sporting events. I am always sad to say goodbye to summer, though I do love autumn with its beautiful foliage and crisp cool weather.

Your CSA shares will soon begin to look different with fall and cooler season crops making their appearance.

In your shares this week you should have: Onions, Potatoes, Okra, Green Beans, Eggplant and Tomatoes.  Combo share: Fruit (Peaches – nice size ones too!).

Since I mentioned Tomatoes, did you know there is a World Tomato Society on the web?  I didn’t until today. Their website will tell you anything and  everything you’d like to know about tomatoes!  Their Twitter page states ” The World Tomato society is a global community committed to cultivating, discovering, sharing, educating, and preserving all things tomato.” When you have a chance, check out their webpage, it’s quite informative and interesting.  Here is their website:

Here is a link to a recipe using the tomatoes in your share that I think you will enjoy. My mother always made Scalloped Tomatoes for us when I was growing up, and I love them to this day! They are a compliment to most any entree.  The link is:

Home Delivery members: Be sure to leave the cooler and ice block out to receive your share this week.

The Full Harvest Moon makes it’s appearance if its a clear evening on September 10, according to the old Farmers Almanac.  The Almanac says that this winter may be a shivery, slushy one.

Until next week’s newsletter, have a safe week and enjoy the upcoming Holiday weekend!


Newsletter, August 23, 2022


I didn’t get your newsletter posted yesterday as planned, so today I will “cut to the chase”  and just let you know what’s in your shares this week. Next week I will get back on track with your Monday newsletter.

This week: Tomatoes, Onions, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Green Beans, Squash, Peppers,

Here’s an Old Farmers Almanac saying that I’ll close with today – Judy

Onion skin, very thin,
Mild winter’s coming in.
Onion skin, thick and tough,
Coming winter cold and rough.



Newsletter August 15, 2022

Good afternoon CSA members,

We hope you are enjoying your summer and your CSA shares. We select the best of what we have available from the harvest for you each week.

In this newsletter I’d like to say a thing or two about one of our favorite veggies here at the farm. It happens to be the much maligned Zucchini. Another farmer has been quoted as saying “Zucchini season is the only time we’d lock our doors in the Midwest, or else a ‘kind neighbor’ would bring in more.”      (Farmer Whitney Sewell)

Zucchini is very versatile. If you think about it – as stated on The Kitchen website, how many other vegetables can be scalloped, shaved, frittered, Hasselbacked, grilled, smashed, stuffed, marinated, baked or pickled?

Any way you choose to prepare it, zucchini will always taste best during the summer months. Go for medium size when possible, or smaller ones. Don’t rule out those that are on the border between medium and slightly large size though, for baked goods. If there are a lot of large seeds inside, I would pass on using them myself. Just my opinion. When using zucchini in recipes there is no need to peel since the skin is edible. These herbs and seasonings work well with zucchini: Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Marjoram, Parsley, Italian seasonings, and even finely ground red pepper flakes used sparingly.

Zucchini especially likes a hot grill, and moderately thin slices or planks I’ve found grill best. We love them brushed generously with olive oil and seasoned well. Takes only a few minutes, but don’t walk away from the grill!

Sometime I get bogged down thinking about “what’s for dinner”?  When I do, I turn to one of my favorite cookbooks to inspire me. My very favorites are the Ina Garten cookbooks-any of them. You can trust Ina, she actually looks as though she eats the food she cooks and enjoys it. I like that. If you don’t have any of her books, get one when you can or just “google Ina Garten recipes or The Barefoot Contessa recipes.

What’s in my share this week”? (Some but maybe not all, will be in your share this week). Cucumbers, peppers, bulb onions, summer squash, zucchini, slicing tomatoes, potatoes, and lettuce. 

The Combo share this week: Tomatoes

Home Delivery customer? Friendly reminder – Don’t forget to put out the cooler with last weeks ice block inside, to receive this weeks share. 

Until next week, stay safe and well,


Grilled Zucchini

Grilled Zucchini-in a word “Yummy”. 



Newsletter August 8, 2022


August is a busy time of year.  Our “to do” lists just keep growing no matter how many things we check off the list! As an example, something always breaks down when you least need it to happen, doesn’t it? The pastures seemingly grow overnight ,and a broken mower certainly doesn’t help now does it? Oh well, tomorrow is another day. We hope yours is a great one!

This week in your share you will have New potatoes (redskinned). Here is a quick delicious recipe for them:

“Oven-Roasted Potatoes” – from Simply recipes  

The link to the method:

Cut the potatoes into manageable sized pieces, toss them with some olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and salt. Then, roast them in the oven at a high temperature until they are brown and crispy at the edges and cooked though in the center.

Great with steak or chicken, or as a side for a weeknight meal.

Roasted New Potatoes

(photo:Simply Recipes / Elise Bauer)
What’s in my share this week”?  Potatoes, Lettuce, Onion, Sweet Banana Peppers, Squash, Zucchs, Cucumbers, Tomatoes.

Featured Bulk items in the online country store this week:.Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peaches. Get them while you can!

Until next weeks newsletter stay safe!