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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Newsletter June 30, 2020

Greetings friends,

We get a few calls during the season when a member has run late on pick up day, or they have missed their pick up time entirely on delivery day. Here’s what to do if this happens;

1. Ask a friend or neighbor to come pick up your share this week for you.

2. If you have a volunteer Coordinator that passes out shares at your pick up location, call her ASAP. She will try to help you unless she has a commitment once pick up time has ended. After your pick up time has ended, your Coordinator will no longer will have your share. Shares not picked up are donated.

3. If your Driver passes out your CSA share, call your Driver.  Your share will be on the delivery vehicle until the last delivery of the day. You may be able to pick it up at a later delivery location if you arrange this with your driver. You can view our Delivery locations and pick up times on the Pick Up Location page of our website.

Note: when calling your Driver, leave a message if he (or she) doesn’t answer, and your call will be returned.

Once pick up time has ended that day, all shares not picked up are donated, generally to a local food pantry that serves the needy in the community. We don’t bring shares back to the farm.   There is no alternate day for you to pick up your share if you miss your pick up day.

Here are the names of your volunteer Coordinators, our Drivers, their locations and their contact information. Keep this in your phone or somewhere handy. You can come back to this newsletter also to get the information.


Monte Sano – Elizabeth – 256-326-0630    Cove Church Hampton Cove and Weatherly Heights Baptist Church – Judy&John – 931-625-2651,  Good Shepherd Catholic Church -Trina – 256-658-8367,  Holy Spirit School – Christi – 256-337-4195,  SAIC – Howard – 931-580-4473,  Boeing Lot – Howard – 931-580-4473,  St.John Paul ll High School – Howard – 931-580-4473

Madison: St. John’s Church – Kim – 256-683-7200,        Lamb of God Church – Jim-256-519-1785

Brentwood, Tn.  Maryland Farms – Mary Lyn – 615-975-8300

Hermitage Tn.  April and Ian – 615-419-7666  or 615-293-3642

LaVergne  Tn.  (Private pick up)  Megan – 847-594-2910

What’s in the box this week? Sweet corn, green beans, redskin potatoes, “fairy tale” eggplant, onion, green bell peppers and more!  ( some but not all of the above are in your shares-sometime we must make substitutions )

If you haven’t eaten “fairy tale” eggplant cooked on the grill, you’re in for a treat. Just slice in half, coat with olive oil and butter (mixture), salt and pepper, then grill. Add other favorite seasonings also if you like.

For members receiving tomato lovers shares, be sure you don’t refrigerate your tomatoes. They will have a “ mealy “ texture.
Sorry your newsletter is running a bit late this week. Have a good week, stay well and love on your family every chance you get!

Until next week,



Doe Run Farm CSA Newsletter 6-22-2020

Good afternoon CSA friends,

We hope that all the Dad’s had a wonderful Fathers Day yesterday and got to go fishin’- play golf, swim or just do nothing at all, if that’s what he wanted!

Our children’s Dad worked most of the day yesterday on a project, so he didn’t celebrate much other than celebrating his project being finished!  He did get best wishes from our three children by phone yesterday, and enjoyed catching up with them. With this Covid 19 going on, our visits have come to a screeching halt.  I am praying for a treatment, and sooner rather than later.

Here are two links to a Food Safety site that I refer to often and possibly you do as well, but just in case you haven’t visited it recently, it’s worth a look see.  I have found both links to be very helpful on more than one occasion. In fact, I keep the Food Keeper app under a magnet on my refrigerator.  AND  I never cook meat of any kind without the use of my handy-dander meat thermometer.  The digital ones are terrific I think.

As you might have guessed, strawberries for us this season are now history.  For members receiving Fruit Lover’s shares this week-or Combo’s, we have beautiful Peaches available in the place of Strawberries, and Blueberries this week too! Sweet, and they are so good. Bet ya’ can’t eat just one!

I advise letting your Peaches set on your counter for a day or so for them to ripen, if they are too firm when you receive them. Keep watch though because they will ripen before you know it!  These are the early Red Haven peaches (not freestones), but other than their wonderful flavor,  one thing I love about them is the ease with which they peel. The skin comes off so easily without having to blanch them if you are freezing them for later, or to just enjoy eating without the peel.  The “freestone” peaches will probably be ready around mid July or a bit earlier even if we’re lucky!  We hope you love the peaches and blueberries too, as much as we do around here.  I made some strawberry-peach ice cream last night and it was delish! If you have a countertop ice cream/frozen yogurt maker, now’s the perfect time to get that baby out!

What’s in the box this week?  Cauliflower, Cabbage, Squash, Green Beans, Onion, Zucchini, Broccoli Florets, Beets, Lettuce and crunchy Cucumbers!  (Some but not all will be in your shares)


If you haven’t roasted beets yet, give that a try.  Just wash well, dry thoroughly and toss in olive oil, salt and pepper, then wrap in foil and roast until fork tender in a 425-450 degree oven.  (Just trim off the roots, don’t cut into the ends of the beet before roasting). When done, let cool thoroughly and take a paper towel and just rub off the skins.  Season to taste.  They take on a sweetness you don’t get in other ways of cooking.

In closing, Please continue to wear a mask to pick up, and if you haven’t in the past, Please do it for us starting this week.  As I have mentioned before, both John and I are in high risk groups and we want to stay well.  We will continue to wear a mask to prevent us passing along anything to you.  

We hope you will have a wonderful week, be safe and do your best to stay well!

Until next week,






Doe Run Farm’s Newsletter, 6.16.2020


Good morning CSA members!

What a beautiful day!  We live in unusual times that can be “trying”,  but for a truly beautiful day such as this, we can be grateful.

Farm News: We are “knocking on the door” of a big Peach crop this year.  Once the Freestone peaches are ready for harvest we plan on offering them in bulk through our online country Store. Enjoy them fresh for snacks, freeze them, can them, dehydrate thin slices, and buy a basket for a friend, neighbor or your kinfolk as a special treat or a “thank you” for a past favor.  Right now though, the peaches are the early Red Haven peaches, they are very delicious, but they are cling not freestone peaches.  Let them set out on your counter for a day or two to ripen if need be.  (Mine needed to set out a day and a half)  Delicious.

Blueberries are nearly ready for harvest as well, and so are blackberries.  We always say prayers in thanksgiving when we have good Fruit crops to offer.  We never have enough fruit, but some years are way better than others.  I hate to keep saying it, though it’s a fact – harvests all depend on the weather.

CSA Community News: If you have a wedding in your family or you’re welcoming a new addition to your family, send us a digital photo! If you have plants that you want to show off or share with the CSA community, or a special recipe you want to share, just send the information to me and I will share it with everyone.

A Gift of “Home Grown Food” from the farms – If you would like to donate a CSA share to someone you know that has either been laid off or is facing economic hardship right now, just register online in their name to purchase a CSA share.  In the “comments” section on the registration form, let us know it’s a gift and we will include a card to them from you.

If you’d like to gift another with a single CSA box for one week during the CSA season, just send us an email with their name, telephone number, email address and where they will pick up their box, and we will be in touch with them and we will include a card from you in their CSA box. In this case, just send us a check for the amount of the CSA box.  Our farm’s address is on the website,

A Personal Note: Many of you have been members of Doe Run’s CSA community for many years and know us pretty well by now. For those of you that don’t know us very well whether you have been with us for a few years or a few days, this week I thought I would give you a bit of personal background on us. (aka “the old folks”)

John and I are both retired from other professions; John is an Electrical Engineer and retired as the Manager of a Consulting group where he was employed. I am a registered Nurse, and my last employer was with a Disease Management company.

We have lived on our farm for 20 years, and farming for the past 18 years 3 of which were spent selling vegetables and fruit at the Farmer’s Markets in Franklin Tn and Madison, Alabama.  Our farm has, in it’s short life of 18 years enjoyed a lot of “firsts” and next week, I will let you in on what they are, it’s really pretty amazing.

Both of us are native Kentuckians, and we had the opportunity to learn a lot about farming from our parents and grandparents. Growing up with farming, as young people, we wanted to get away from the “farm life” and so we did. Our lives took us in different directions and away from the farm.  We began our family and once our three children were grown and had their own lives, it seems our lives came “full circle” and we found ourselves wanting to retire on a FARM of all things!  We had been on our farm for a couple of years when John retired from his job in Huntsville, and a year or two later I boxed up my Nurse’s cap to keep as a memento.  About this time, we started to grow a few things, and those few things grew into more things and so it went.  That’s how it all began and how it continues today.  More about our farming adventures in future newsletters.

When you get lettuce in your share, be sure to revive it in an ice water bath for a few minutes, drain it very well and place it with a damp paper towel in a partially open zip lock bag.  Use it up within a day or two.  Berries always need to be used the first day, or the second day for sure.  They are picked very ripe to be used, not stored.

Please continue to wear your masks when you come to pick up your CSA share. We appreciate your concern for our health.  We will wear our masks for you.

From what I understand,  it seems as though a “surge” is expected in the next few weeks due to businesses opening up and holiday celebrations.  The articles I have read from Scientists say they  believe firmly that the “surge” can be prevented or reduced immensely by (1) wearing a mask when you are out and about (2) staying 6 to 8 feet away from others as a minimum.Wearing a mask protects others, their masks protects you.  Be responsible, wear your mask, it’s a small price to pay to keep this infectious virus under control.

If we fail to do these 2 easy things, and we have a big increase in Covid cases, things will shut down again and none of us want that!

What’s in the Box this week? Cabbage, Squash, Zucchini, Green Beans, Bulb Onions, Peaches (New Haven – early crop, cling peach)  Cucumbers, and some of you will have beets.(limited)   In the large shares we had some collard greens that were “not so hot” looking, but still nutritious, so we included them in these shares in the event any of the leaves were salvageable.  Perhaps in a casserole, stew or soup.   I wouldn’t include them in a dish of only collards.

Have a wonderful week and stay well friends,




Doe Run Farm, Petersburg, Tennessee

Farm Newsletter June 9, 2020

Greetings from the farm!

It’s hard to believe how quickly the weeks in the CSA season pass! We hope you are cooking up a storm in your kitchen and enjoying all the wonderful things the earth provides for us.

Thank You’s – We want to thank everyone for getting to your pick up locations “on time” and for keeping the locations “contact free”.  It get’s under my skin that I can’t meet up and visit at our delivery locations with everyone.  As many of you know, John and I haven’t delivered your shares in several years, and when the time came for us to start delivering again, I was happy because I could visit at least a few minutes with everyone at pick up.  Then came Covid 19 and everything changed.  For the time being we will have to forego visiting, but we can look forward to a time in the future when we can do that once again.

Since we can’t tell each of you in person, we will thank you in this Newsletter.  We want you to know that every member participating in the farm’s CSA is an important part of Community Supported Agriculture. The “C” in CSA stands for Community.  When you support CSA from Doe Run Farms, you are helping not just one farm, but depending on the time of the year – a minimum of 10 family farms with the costs of operating their farm.  We are not commodity farmers who get subsidies from the government,  we just grow food and we all appreciate the support you give us.

There was a link on your registration form that you could click on to print a copy of the CSA Guidelines for 2020.  If you missed seeing it, please let me know and I will send you a copy.  Everyone needs to have the CSA Guidelines to know what to do when something comes up unexpectedly during the CSA season.  You will need to be able to refer to your copy.  

Farm news: The crops are coming along, and have “perked up” with the few days of sunshine that we’ve had recently.  Needless to say we need more days like that to keep things growing.  This week we have had a lot of summer squash being harvested you will see that reflected in your share this week.  Cucumbers have made their debut in your share as well, and you will get more lettuce in your share too.

Veggie News:  A word or two about your Lettuce.  The lettuce is grown hydroponically (in water, not soil).  In the hot and humid southern states, it’s darn near impossible to grow good crops of lettuce in the summer.  We are hoping to solve this problem using hydroponic lettuce that’s grown under controlled conditions.  There’s nothing like a good salad with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, etc. in the summertime.  We have been unable to grow it even in the tunnels for the entire summer, so we are trying it this way in order to be sure you have fresh lettuce.  Lettuce is not only delicious in salads and on sandwiches, it’s so good for you in the summer because it helps to keep you hydrated-it contains a lot of water!

As many of you know, we have for about the last ten years, donated food to Manna House in Huntsville and to a food pantry in Nashville.  We grade out the vegetables and fruit for your shares each delivery day, and the veggies and fruit that don’t make the “cut” to be placed in your shares, are donated. For our Huntsville area CSA members, In the event you missed out on knowing about this, Manna House has a Huge Hydroponic facility just outside Huntsville, and they are growing lettuce for us this season. We are helping one another in this partnership, and you will be the beneficiary.  Manna House is still in the process of learning to grow several crops hydroponically, and we hope that with our support and that of others within the greater Huntsville community, their venture will be a big success.

Storing your Lettuce: To get the most from your lettuce (it will still have its roots on it), trim the roots a tiny bit to make it more manageable. Initially it helps to submerge your lettuce with the roots intact into a container of cool water for a few minutes. Shake it off well or use a salad spinner. Then place it in a breathable produce bag and then into your crisper drawer. I usually use mine up pretty quick since we eat a lot of salads.

Berry Info: Eat the strawberries the same day you get them, or at least the next day after getting them.  They are very ripe now and we are approaching the end of strawberry season. If it rains just before they are picked they get mouldy if they aren’t eaten right away because they will absorb a lot of water.  

Home Delivery CSA’ers:  Thanks for remembering to put those coolers and ice blocks out for us on your home delivery day!  Thank you also for making room for the farm van to turn around in your driveway.  You are terrific! 

Your CSA Boxes:  We do not re-use ANY of the boxes we deliver your shares in this season because of the infectious nature of the Covid 19 virus.  Toss them out or re-use them yourself.  They are really nice sturdy waxed boxes.  

We still have some CSA shares that we would like to sell if any of your friends are interested.  Since the season has begun, the shares are being pro-rated and the price shown on the website is the share price as of that date.  If you are enjoying your share, won’t you consider writing a review for the farm’s CSA on, or any other site where reviews are posted.  Many of our CSA members have found us with a Google search, although most find us through friends.

“What’s in the box this week”?  Cucumbers, Radishes, Lettuce, Green Beans (a different variety this week), summer Squash, Bulb Onions (beautiful ones too), Zucchini.  (Some but not all of these will be in your shares – sometime substitutions are necessary).

Please continue to wear your masks at pick up. With drive through pick up there is no need to get out of your car.  Please pop the trunk of your car before getting in line.  A friendly reminder, we only place shares in the trunk of your car not Inside your vehicle (car or truck).  Thank you for being considerate.    

Recipe of the week:  Favorite Shortcake for Berries or Peaches:  Sift 2c. flour, 3 tsp. baking powder, 1/4 tsp. salt, 2 tbs. sugar.  Mix in 1/2 c. oil well, until evenly distributed.  Beat 1 egg and 5/8 c. milk and mix with dry ingredients.  Pat out with oiled hands or use a plastic spatula to spread dough onto an oiled cookie sheet to about 1/2 ” thick.  Bake @375 deg about 20 min. (we use all whole wheat flour with fine results)  Cut up strawberries, whip the cream….mmmm

Until next week, stay safe and be well friends,