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Tennessee & Alabama CSA



Here is a list of what we have in your share this week: (shares at different pick up locations may vary slightly)

The Fruit share and the Combo share this week: Peaches.  Always enjoy your fruit within a couple of days-fruit over-ripens quickly, especially in this heat.


Sweet corn – Yea!    Eggplant    Green beans    Redskin potatoes   Cucumbers     Summer squash

Zucchini     Bulb Onion    Bell peppers     Poblano peppers    Banana peppers    Tomatoes

Here is a link to a recipe you may enjoy using your Poblano peppers:


UPDATES: 7-04-23


Cucumbers, red skin potatoes, green beans, onions, Poblano peppers, cabbage, and tomatoes. (Hope I didn’t forget anything)

The Fruit Share this week gets Blackberries – they’re tart but pretty!   Make a cobbler!

  • Friends, we suggest you keep a cooler with an ice block in it, in the trunk of your car for the rest of CSA season.  You may have to make a stop on the way home or have traffic delays getting home.  The heat in the trunk of your car, will cause harvested veggies and fruit to deteriorate quickly.
  • If you need to reach our volunteer Coordinator for your pickup location on your delivery day – their contact information is located on the Pickup location page for quick reference.



Updates 6-19-23


Cucumbers, summer squash, green beans, onions, poblano peppers, green bell peppers, cabbage, zucchini, and  possibly tomatoes—some shares will get red slicers, some shares will get green ones for frying, or for making pickled green tomatoes-yum!

Fruit Reports:

This is the last week for Strawberries – they have had a great run this season!  No news as of now as to what kind of fruit we will have available for fruit shares next week. We will wait to hear from our fruit farmers later this week or over the weekend.  

Our Blueberry farmer has reported that his crop took a hard hit from the freezing temps we had in our area. He was hopeful they would do ok, but his berries are scarce.  Not looking good right at the moment but, we will see if enough rebound this season.  STATUS: Unchanged at this time.
Some Peach varieties had issues with the weather also, though we will still have Peaches this season. The crop may not be bountiful, but we will have them.

TOMATO SHARES BEGIN THIS WEEK-(Week of the 27th) Yipee!  

Note: IF YOU NEED TO REACH THE COORDINATOR AT YOUR PICK UP LOCATION ON YOUR DELIVERY DAY – their contact information is located on the Pickup location page.  





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Newsletter Oct.3, 2022

CSA Friends,

We’ve reached the end of another CSA season, and it simply raced by, or at least it seemed that way to us! We really hope enjoyed your harvest share this season, and we invite you to sign  up for 2023. Our registration for 2023 will open online in mid-December. We will send an email to your email inbox to let you know once registration opens.

We would be remiss if we didn’t pass along a big “thank you” to everyone for joining us for this summer’s harvest. Without you, our farms would not have a CSA program! For your support of our growing efforts, we as well as the farms that collaborate with us to deliver your shares each week, are grateful and humbled by the confidence you place in us. We will continue to do our best for you.

Our farmers grow more than one variety of winter squash, and on this final week we are including three varieties in your shares. Delicata which is striped, Butternut which most are familiar with seeing, and Acorn which is a favorite of many. Eat your Delicata first, your Butternut last since it stores well for a few months, and eat the Acorn in between these other two! They’re all different and all delicious! There are a myriad of recipes you’ll find for all three winter squash varieties if you will “google” their name on the internet.
What’s in my share this week?  Delicata squash, Butternut squash, Acorn squash, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes (store at room temp.) Arkansas Black apples, Summer squash.

Home delivery members: Please leave your cooler and ice block out on your delivery day this week. This week, please use a personal cooler out for us to leave your share in case the weather has a mind of its own. This week is the final delivery.

“A tip of the hat goes” goes out also to our farm Drivers Elaine and Howard, as well as to our outstanding site Coordinators and Neighborhood hosts! Each of you have been wonderful to work with this season and have done a terrific job assisting CSA members at your site(s). I sure hope I haven’t forgotten to mention anyone who deserves a “shout out”.

In closing, may the upcoming holiday seasons be filled with love, blessings and good health!

Judy, John, and your farmers from Doe Run Farms CSA