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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Workplace Delivery


After leaving work, do you often feel too tired to go anywhere to shop for food to get a meal on the table?  Don’t want to fight the grocery store crowd? Making a quick healthy meal is a snap when you have fresh food on hand that needs minimum preparation.

We can help by offering employees our “Wellness in the Workplace” farm box deliveries.  For the past few years, our farm has partnered with many companies and small businesses to provide their employees with this benefit. We have been told by employees that making healthy food choices to include more fruit, vegetables and fresh produce in their diets is easier when we bring it to their workplace.

Why Should your workplace become a small workplace/corporate partner with Doe Run Farms? Whether your workplace is a small business or a large corporation,, Doe Run Farms can help you develop a workplace delivery that’s suited to your place of business.

A workplace CSA delivery offers employees the following benefits: (Community Supported Agriculture)

    1. Convenience – No more fighting traffic or dealing with tired kids when you pick up your farm box after work. Leave work with your veggies and save shopping and driving time.
    2. Camaraderie – Enjoy the fun of opening your box in the company of your colleagues! Swap veggies, share recipes, have workplace cook-offs and experience the adventure of CSA with your work friends.
    3. Community – Hold a CSA potluck, or take part in workshops at the farm. Workplace CSA can put even your community into Community Supported Agriculture, while also building community at work.

Traveling during the CSA Season? You can get a credit or make up shares for 2 weeks suspension of shares,during the Early season CSA and 2 weeks credit or make up shares during the Late season CSA.

How does a workplace/corporate delivery site work?

We offer flexible options for large and small business that would like our workplace deliveries. Email Judy at the farm ( to find out which option will work best in your situation. Whatever option you select, your employees will thank you and your farmers will also thank you for your support. The earlier you contact the farm to let us know of your interest, the sooner we can begin to reserve shares for your company. Plus by registering early, employees can take advantage of our payment plan!

Employees — if you’d like us to deliver to your workplace, ask your HR Director or Wellness Coordinator to ok our weekly deliveries.  Deliveries take place at the same time and on the same day every week.  Get a group together and call Judy at the farm, (931-659-6204) and she will work out a delivery option for your company.