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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

CSA News. Aug 24, 2021

Good morning!

After your deliveries this week we will only have 9 more deliveries to finish out this CSA season.

CSA Updates:  Peach season is winding down now and September brings apples to your CSA shares.  We always pick the prettiest and the tastiest apples each week at the orchard for your CSA shares.  So, pull out your apple butter and apple pie recipes and get ready to fill your kitchens with the scents of autumn!  Apples emit Ethylene gas so store them in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer – in a bag to separate them from other items stored in the crisper drawer.

Email me at if you’d like a good Crock Pot Apple Butter recipe.  I think it’s a delicious recipe and it’s easy too.  It does take awhile to make, but it’s a good project for an autumn afternoon.  A few years ago our farm had a class on Preserving the Harvest and this recipe was used to make the Apple Butter.

Using up your CSA share: To help you maximize the use of everything in your share, try to spend a few minutes when you get your shares home and unpack them, and think about how you want to use what’s in your share.  Really, a few minutes dedicated to this helps a lot and this is the perfect time to do it!  Think of how you will use any greens, hard veggies such as potatoes, and softer ones such as squash, eggplant or tomatoes.  Eggplant Parmesan, Stuffed Peppers, or an Asian dish incorporating several roasted veggies served over rice.  You can also just enter into the Google machine the names of the veggies you have on hand and it will give you recipes using those ingredients! Anything not used from your share, wash, slice and place in a Freezer zip lock and freeze to use later in making an outstanding well seasoned vegetable broth or soup.  Easy and so healthy too!

What’s in my share this week?  (Some but not all of the following will appear in shares this week).  Okra, Tomatoes, Onion, Green Beans, Squash, Green Tomatoes, and Potatoes.

Farm Update: I would be lying to you if I told you that this season has been a perfect growing season-it’s been far from that.  We have been having days and days of rain that comes and goes all day – but even though the  rain storms are short lived, heavy rains resulted in flooding some of the farm fields. Some crops such as unripe melons, have just ruined laying in the wet field.  Some crops which are raised on plastic mulch have faired much better so not every crop has been affected, but just enough of them to cause problems at harvest time.  If you have a garden hopefully you haven’t had as much rain, I’m sure it would be a disappointment if you did.  Don’t get discouraged though, this just goes with the territory! Be patient with yourself.

A friendly reminder to Home Delivery members: Please don’t forget to set out your coolers on your delivery day. A few folks missed putting them out last week.  We will leave your shares anyway, but heat is not their friend. Fresh vegetables go downhill fast if they aren’t handled properly.

Have a lovely week, and love on your family members everyday.