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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

CSA Seasons

    Doe Run Farms has an Early Season and a Late season CSA program.  One season follows another, so there is no break between the two seasons. The Early season deliveries begin the first week in May, weather permitting,  and continue for 18 weeks. If weather forces a later start to the season, when we do begin, our season will be delivering out shares for the full 18 week Early season CSA.  

The Early season CSA shares are an assortment of all the wonderful and delicious local vegetables, produce, and berries that grow in our area. On this website (Green button on home page that reads FAQ), you will find listed the contents of a typical Mini share box and a Regular share box. Get ready for some great juicy home grown tomatoes, luscious sweet corn, okra, peas, and so much more!

The Late season CSA share also offers you an assortment of healthy, colorful vegetables, produce and berries/fruit that we are privileged to enjoy in this area. The Late season is a 12 week delivery season.  This share will feature more cool season vegetables since it begins later in the growing year. In the Late Season CSA deliveries, enjoy the best sweet potatoes you will ever eat, many varieties of apples straight from the orchard, butternut squash, crisp lettuce, kale, and much more. Before the late season CSA registration begins, we will post contents of a typical weekly Regular and Mini CSA share so you get an idea of what to expect.

The opening date for the Late Season CSA will be posted on the website closer to the season’s start. You will need to register for the Early season, and then again when the Late season registration opens.


                      All shares are purchased through the Doe Run Farms Country Store.
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Images courtesy of Johnny’s Seeds, Seeds of Change & Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.