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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Late Season Farm Boxes

Enjoy the absolute best of summer and fall in our Late season farm boxes! Final day to register for the 11 week Late season box is Wednesday, September 6.  

Doe Run Farms offers both an Early season and a Late season Community Supported weekly Farm Box program.  One season follows another, and there is no break between the two seasons. If you participate in the Early season deliveries and want to join us again for the Late season, you will need to register for the Late season beginning Aug.1, 2017, on our website.

Final day to register for the 11 week Late season is Wednesday Sept. 6.    This Season is an 11 week delivery season this year.

For a description of what we plan to have in our boxes during this season, look on our Home page, then click on the green FAQ button on the left side of the page, and you will be taken to the Frequently Asked Questions page. There you will scroll down to see what you can expect in your farm box this season.  Note: When you sign up for the Late season farm box, you are in essence, getting the best of both worlds!  You’ll get the last of the late summer crops in your boxes at the beginning of the season, plus the wonderful vegetables, fruit and produce that can only be grown and enjoyed in the fall of the year!

                   Seasonal Farm Boxes are purchased through the Doe Run Farms Country Store.
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Images courtesy of Johnny’s Seeds, Seeds of Change & Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.