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Tennessee & Alabama CSA


Doe Run Farm’s Newsletter, 6.16.2020


Good morning CSA members!

What a beautiful day!  We live in unusual times that can be “trying”,  but for a truly beautiful day such as this, we can be grateful.

Farm News: We are “knocking on the door” of a big Peach crop this year.  Once the Freestone peaches are ready for harvest we plan on offering them in bulk through our online country Store. Enjoy them fresh for snacks, freeze them, can them, dehydrate thin slices, and buy a basket for a friend, neighbor or your kinfolk as a special treat or a “thank you” for a past favor.  Right now though, the peaches are the early Red Haven peaches, they are very delicious, but they are cling not freestone peaches.  Let them set out on your counter for a day or two to ripen if need be.  (Mine needed to set out a day and a half)  Delicious.

Blueberries are nearly ready for harvest as well, and so are blackberries.  We always say prayers in thanksgiving when we have good Fruit crops to offer.  We never have enough fruit, but some years are way better than others.  I hate to keep saying it, though it’s a fact – harvests all depend on the weather.

CSA Community News: If you have a wedding in your family or you’re welcoming a new addition to your family, send us a digital photo! If you have plants that you want to show off or share with the CSA community, or a special recipe you want to share, just send the information to me and I will share it with everyone.

A Gift of “Home Grown Food” from the farms – If you would like to donate a CSA share to someone you know that has either been laid off or is facing economic hardship right now, just register online in their name to purchase a CSA share.  In the “comments” section on the registration form, let us know it’s a gift and we will include a card to them from you.

If you’d like to gift another with a single CSA box for one week during the CSA season, just send us an email with their name, telephone number, email address and where they will pick up their box, and we will be in touch with them and we will include a card from you in their CSA box. In this case, just send us a check for the amount of the CSA box.  Our farm’s address is on the website,

A Personal Note: Many of you have been members of Doe Run’s CSA community for many years and know us pretty well by now. For those of you that don’t know us very well whether you have been with us for a few years or a few days, this week I thought I would give you a bit of personal background on us. (aka “the old folks”)

John and I are both retired from other professions; John is an Electrical Engineer and retired as the Manager of a Consulting group where he was employed. I am a registered Nurse, and my last employer was with a Disease Management company.

We have lived on our farm for 20 years, and farming for the past 18 years 3 of which were spent selling vegetables and fruit at the Farmer’s Markets in Franklin Tn and Madison, Alabama.  Our farm has, in it’s short life of 18 years enjoyed a lot of “firsts” and next week, I will let you in on what they are, it’s really pretty amazing.

Both of us are native Kentuckians, and we had the opportunity to learn a lot about farming from our parents and grandparents. Growing up with farming, as young people, we wanted to get away from the “farm life” and so we did. Our lives took us in different directions and away from the farm.  We began our family and once our three children were grown and had their own lives, it seems our lives came “full circle” and we found ourselves wanting to retire on a FARM of all things!  We had been on our farm for a couple of years when John retired from his job in Huntsville, and a year or two later I boxed up my Nurse’s cap to keep as a memento.  About this time, we started to grow a few things, and those few things grew into more things and so it went.  That’s how it all began and how it continues today.  More about our farming adventures in future newsletters.

When you get lettuce in your share, be sure to revive it in an ice water bath for a few minutes, drain it very well and place it with a damp paper towel in a partially open zip lock bag.  Use it up within a day or two.  Berries always need to be used the first day, or the second day for sure.  They are picked very ripe to be used, not stored.

Please continue to wear your masks when you come to pick up your CSA share. We appreciate your concern for our health.  We will wear our masks for you.

From what I understand,  it seems as though a “surge” is expected in the next few weeks due to businesses opening up and holiday celebrations.  The articles I have read from Scientists say they  believe firmly that the “surge” can be prevented or reduced immensely by (1) wearing a mask when you are out and about (2) staying 6 to 8 feet away from others as a minimum.Wearing a mask protects others, their masks protects you.  Be responsible, wear your mask, it’s a small price to pay to keep this infectious virus under control.

If we fail to do these 2 easy things, and we have a big increase in Covid cases, things will shut down again and none of us want that!

What’s in the Box this week? Cabbage, Squash, Zucchini, Green Beans, Bulb Onions, Peaches (New Haven – early crop, cling peach)  Cucumbers, and some of you will have beets.(limited)   In the large shares we had some collard greens that were “not so hot” looking, but still nutritious, so we included them in these shares in the event any of the leaves were salvageable.  Perhaps in a casserole, stew or soup.   I wouldn’t include them in a dish of only collards.

Have a wonderful week and stay well friends,