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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I’m new to having a weekly Farm Box, so what do I need to know before registering?

When you register, you are making an agreement with your farmers to grow food for you for the  season for which you are registering. We make our crop production plans based on this agreement with you. We can’t turn crop production on and off once we plant our crops for the season. Please read the Terms”  before registering, and acknowledge your understanding and acceptance with your signature on the registration form. Please make a copy of your registration form for your future reference.


How do I register?

  1. First, go to the registration page. Pricing for all of our different Farm Boxes can be found there.
  2. Click “My Account.” If this is your first time visiting the online store, click the “Create an account” button. If you already have an online account, enter your login information and login to your account.
  3. Return to the store page to view available boxes available for you to purchase. Select the items you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart.”
  4. When you are ready to purchase, click the checkout button. Follow the step by step directions provided at checkout. 
  5. If you are located within the city limits of our pick up locations and would like to have your share delivered to your HOME, please select “Home Delivery” as your pick up location. A one time fee of $110 (Late Season of 11 wks) will be added to your order.
  6. If you will be picking up your farm box at one of our approved Workplace pick up locations, please include the name of your workplace in the “Company Name” field under billing address.


Which Farm Box size should I choose?

Eating habits vary, but the Regular box is a what we would call a Robust size for anyone that likes to cook most meals at home, have young adults at home that aren’t “picky eaters” and that possibly will eat out occasionally during the week. We offer you the option to adjust your box size down if you’d like less food each week. We will adjust the cost accordingly. Please let us know within the first few weeks if you’d like to downsize to a Mini box.  The Mini Box is a perfect size for most families, couples or couples with a toddler or two.  If you have a teen or two that’s a “picky eater”, this size works well for you also.  Perfect for senior couples.  You can adjust your size up if you need more food and we will adjust the cost accordingly.  Please let us know within the first few weeks of deliveries if you need to adjust your box size.

The Individual box is now available for those in single households.  This offers you the opportunity to eat healthy, home grown food during the week, but not be overwhelmed with more food than you need. This size box is designed for one person. We do not offer downsizing from the Mini or the Regular size boxes to the Individual box.


Can I pay by check?  Can I use a credit card?

Yes. You can pay for your box by check or by Credit Card. We accept MC/Visa/Discover/Amex. Your purchase of a farm box through our Country Store is on a secured website.


Do you offer a payment plan?

We offer a convenient payment plan that splits the cost of the Late Season box (mini, regular, individual) into 3 monthly payments. The first payment is due at registration checkout, with the remaining payments collected automatically each month using the credit card you provide at checkout.

To enroll in the Payment Plan, just select “Installment” from the pop up box that appears during checkout.

NOTE: If the credit card you use to register should change in any way (expires, name change, fraudulant use) – Please notify the farm immediately so your credit card payment won’t be affected. If there is trouble processing your payment, you will receive an email notification containing instructions for how to submit a manual payment. Please be in touch with the farm when you receive a notification that your payment is not processing.  


Can I purchase any or all of the Food Lovers boxes without purchasing a Regular, Mini or Individual farm box?

No – The Food Lover’s boxes are offered for sale only to those that have purchased either a Regular, Mini or an Individual weekly farm box from Doe Run Farms.


Will I save money?

We shop prices often during the current season. We send the information we glean from our comparison shopping to you through a newsletter.  We typically shop at Fresh Market because overall they seem to have the best looking produce section.  Publix is also shopped.

When you are deciding to purchase a Farm Box, please remember that value doesn’t mean cheap. In our farm boxes, you get premium quality week in and week out.  As small farmers we cannot compete with the local Wal-Mart or Kroger on price-that’s a given, but, they can’t compete with us on quality, freshness, flavor, and service. Small farmers know “freshness doesn’t grow on aisle 8”. The food dollar spent for your weekly farm box goes directly to the farmers growing your food, not to a large chain store.


When does the next season begin and how long does it last?

2017 Late season  (11 weeks) deliveries will begin the week of September 12, 2017.  


When do I need to register and purchase my Farm Box?

The earlier you register the better for you because (1) you can choose your preferred pick up location (some sites will be limited in size) and (2) guarantee that your share is reserved for the season before we sell out, or registration closes. (3) Our Food Lover’s boxes are very popular, and one or more may not be available if you wait too long to register. For this reason, we encourage you to purchase these when you register. 


What if I go on vacation during the delivery season?

Please download a copy of the Farm Box Guidelines from your newsletter when you receive it.

For travel during delivery season, basically, we allow for having make up boxes delivered at later dates during the delivery season, or we extend you credit for boxes missed while you are away. These credits and/or make ups are offered for up to 2 weeks during the Late Season. In addition to choosing to have make up boxes delivered at a later date, you may choose to use your credit in the online country store, toward the next farm box season or you may always have a friend pick up your share while you are away. We offer these options so you do not lose your investment if you are traveling.


Why not buy at the farmers market?

Unless you get to the market very early on when it first opens, many of the most popular items such as corn, tomatoes, beans and berries are either gone, in short supply, or picked over when you get there. Active families often want to be elsewhere during market hours in the summertime, and if the weather is oppressively hot or it’s raining cats and dogs, finding a parking place and shopping in these conditions is less than ideal and not much fun.

In contrast, with your purchase of a farm box you always receive a wide assortment of whatever we are growing. No worries about missing out on your favorite things!  If beans, corn and tomatoes are in season and we’re harvesting them, you will have them in your share.

Our Home Delivery Service is ideal if you are a busy Mom that’s always on the “go” with the kids, a professional with a busy lifestyle, or you just simply like the convenience of it! Check it out – our delivery charge is very reasonable and you do not need to be home when your delivery is made.


What if I can’t eat the contents of the box in a week?

The reason we deliver your boxes weekly, is so that you will always have a fresh supply of food on hand to plan your meals around. It’s always wise to freeze, can or dehydrate any extras or leftovers for using later either in soups, casseroles, an omelet, or in stews. If you find after the first couple of weeks that you have too much or too little food, just let us know right away, and we will adjust your share size for you, and make a cost adjustment also. Often friends choose to split the Regular box if this is their first time in a farm box program.

What if there are things in the box that my family will absolutely not touch with a ten foot pole?

A few options: Give it a try -sometime food harvested fresh and prepared a different way tastes altogether different than what you have gotten at the market in the past. Many folks have mentioned this to us. You can always pass that item along to a friend or neighbor who may absolutely love it!  Feel free to leave it for another community member in one of the freebie boxes at your pick up location, and replace it with something you like.


Are the ingredients in the boxes washed?

Everything in your share has been rinsed clean and has been cooled down before packing, to preserve the integrity of your share. However, the food is NOT table ready, you must still wash it yourself before serving. We go the extra mile here at the farm to see to it that your vegetables are delivered to you in their freshest state. Everything is packed carefully and delivered in refrigerated vehicles to assure their freshness. As a food safety sidenote, always wash vegetables, fruit and produce before serving no matter where you have purchased it!


Can I share a box with a friend?

Some shareholders that are single, or seniors etc. go together to split a Mini box and each person purchases a Fruit Lover’s box. That way they both get fruit without a “cat fight” over the fruit, then they alternate pick up weeks.  If you don’t alternate weeks to pick up, bring a tote bag to take your box home.  We ask you to split your box at your vehicle instead of where folks are getting their boxes off the delivery vehicle to minimize confusion at pick up. Consider our Individual box that’s being offered this season, it may be a better fit for you if yours is a single household.


May I change my pick up location occasionally?

Yes, you may pickup my share at other pick up locations occasionally.  A 24 hour notice by email  prior to your scheduled delivery day, is required.

 NOTE: When you register, please download a copy of your registration, and print out the Guidelines for your reference.


What if I forget to pick up my Farm Box?


Don’t forget to notify the farm  by email the day before your delivery at the latest, If no one will be there to pick up your share and we won’t pack a box for you. You will be able to preserve your vacation credit with this notification. 


What can I expect in my Farm Boxes?

Throughout the Late season (11 weeks) you can expect a nice variety of items in your share each week. Some weeks your boxes will be fuller than others due to the fluctuation in foods that are mature enough to harvest.  This is only natural on a farm.  We plan on different kinds of Lettuce, carrots, sweet potatoes, several varieties of apples, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, tomatoes, beets, arugula, radishes, kale, chard, cucumbers, butternut squash, turnips, delicate squash and more will show up in your boxes this season. Seasonal eating at its very best!