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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Farm Box Guidelines


Doe Run Farms

Vacation/Travel Policy and Options

If you are traveling for business/vacation during the delivery season, you have options available so you don’t lose any investment by joining us. You may use any of the options listed below, and suspend delivery of your box for up to 3 weeks this season. All credit you have coming for use in the Country Store must be used prior to Jan. 31, 2017.

We offer more than one option, here are the choices:

  1. A make-up box: just email us at the farm on the SUNDAY before your delivery, and your make-up box will be delivered along with your next farm box. Do NOT give this message to your driver!
  2. Country Store credit: notify the farm by email and let us know this is what you want. This credit can also be used toward the next season.
  3. Let a friend, family member or co-worker enjoy your box in your absence, if they will agree to pick it up while you are away. Be sure to advise them about where to go, what day to go, what time to go and what they are to pick up. An email on pick up day to them as a reminder would be helpful.
  4. We will be happy to donate your box if you’d like.  Just let us know at the farm by email.


May I change my pick up location occasionally?

Sure, occasionally, but please-not frequently. For the week you want to pick up at a different location than your normal location, we need a notice from you by Monday the week of the change. You will need to receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM THE FARM once you request a change. If we do not respond to your request for a pickup change, please call us to confirm at 931-625-0658. If you do not reach us, please proceed to pick up at your normal location.
Can someone else pick up for me without notifying the farm?

Sure, just fill them in on the day, time, where to go and what to pick up.
NOTE: It is your responsibility to pick up your box (es) or have someone pick it up for you at the designated day, time and place every week. If your box is delivered, and not picked up when your pickup time is over, it will be donated. We only deliver one farm box per week for you.   No credit is given for a box delivered for you and not picked up. You will be sent a Newsletter with the name and contact information of the coordinator at you pick up site, right before deliveries begin, so that you may call them in case of an emergency during your pickup time. They will help you if they can.

Our Payment Plan & Updated Credit Card Information

If you used your Credit Card to purchase your Farm Box using the payment plan and your card expires, has had fraudulent activity reported on it, a name change has occurred etc. since you registered for CSA, please NOTIFY the farm right away so that your payment plan won’t be affected. Call with any new information please.

If one or more of your scheduled payments is declined, you will receive an email with instructions for making a manual payment. Please make the manual payment upon receiving the notification, to keep your account in good standing and to avoid having to make more than one payment at a time.
Our Newsletters & Emails: Please read them.

We write a newsletter for you from the farm and send emails to the email address you listed on your registration form. This is the only way we have to keep everyone updated during the season. If you suspect that you are not receiving our emails, let us know right away. Before you do notify us that you aren’t getting our emails, please check all your email inboxes, your “junk” and “spam” folders. They may land there sometime. We are not responsible for missed communications due to our emails/newsletters going to your “spam” or “junk” mail folders.
The Farm Website

We encourage you to become familiar with where you can locate information on our website. Between the website, our newsletters and emails, you should be able to find the answers to most all of your questions. We try to be available to you as much as is possible during the harvest season, but if you can’t reach us right away, please check your past newsletters, emails or the website. Chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

Suggestion: Place all your newsletters in a binder or file them on your computer for reference.
Our FREEBIE boxes

On delivery days after packing your shares most weeks we have veggies or produce left over, but not enough left to go around for everyone. So, we will bring boxes with these veggies and produce in them to our delivery sites for you to do one of two things: (1) use them to semi-customize your box by taking out of your share anything you don’t want and putting it in one of the boxes at the site for someone else to enjoy, and then taking something to replace it from the boxes at the site. (2) If you like everything in your share, not to worry, you can take extras from the boxes at the site if there’s something there you’d like a bit more of that week. You NEVER have to exchange something to take what you’d like from the “freebie” boxes. This is just something nice we like to do for our CSA community. We do ask though, that you not take the “freebie” extras intended for our CSA community, for neighbors, relatives or co-workers.
So now that you’re all fired up for your CSA share as you should be, you’ll want to come into CSA with realistic expectations. A CSA is very different from trolling the aisles of a supermarket. What you receive in your share is determined by what’s in season and available from your farms. If summer is cool, tomatoes don’t ripen as early so you will need to wait patiently. If we have a “glut” of sweet corn, embrace the bounty for soon it will be gone until next year. If we get a ton of rain, beans may be late. Mother Nature makes the rules on the farm, not us!

We hope you will enjoy receiving your weekly farm box deliveries from Doe Run Farms. If you do, please tell all your friends! If you have something in your box that is below our hhigh standards, let us know. Don’t wait to call, call or email us right away so that we can make amends.

Please tell your friends about our weekly farm box program. Your referrals mean a lot to us!

Thank you,

Judy and John McGary