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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Food Lover’s Boxes

Please note:  “Food Lovers” Boxes are sold only with purchase of a Regular, Mini or Individual Farm Box

                  Tomato Lover’s Boxes,   Late Season, 8 wks.
Tomato Lover’s Box at Doe Run Farms


Doe Run Farms has long been known for its tomato harvests!  Your Tomato Lovers box will contain slicing tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. Our tomatoes are loaded with flavor, and picked at their peak of ripeness! Grown in rich Lincoln County soil! Every year our tomatoes get better and better.

We put tomatoes in everyone’s CSA boxes once they come in well here at the farm. The tomatoes in The Tomato Lover’s Share are specialty tomatoes that require separate packing from our other farm boxes. Special handling is required by most of these varieties, especially the heirlooms due to their thin, delicate skins.The seeds for all of our tomatoes are chosen for their distinctive flavors. You will get a generous amount of tomatoes each week for 8 weeks in your box.   (If you’d like to order one of these, better order when you register, they go fast-they are very popular!)


Fruit Lover’s Share at Doe Run FarmsFruit Lover’s Boxes,  Late season, 8 wks. 

All of our fruit is locally grown, and the fruit in this share is in addition to any fruit that would be in your CSA weekly farm box. The amount and varieties you receive will be dependent on our fruit harvest. Your Fruit Lover’s Share is packaged separately from your CSA share to eliminate bruising. We plan to put several varieties of crisp, crunchy apples from the orchard, as well as pears from our farm and hopefully satsumas in this share. This year if we are lucky, maybe some Meyer lemons.


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