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Chinese Napa Cabbage

Newsletter from the farm June 1, 2020


Greetings from the farm on this fine day!

We hope everyone had a lovely weekend and got to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was a nice break from all the rain, and we look forward to the month of June and lots of sunshine. Let it be known that farmers are the biggest gamblers in the world-we gamble every year when the crops go into the ground!

It is a real blessing to be able to work outside on the farm in the fresh air with lots of space around us on the days we aren’t making deliveries.  Hopefully this lull in rainfall will make it even more pleasurable.  It seems as though every delivery day so far it has been raining, and we are hopeful for a pause this coming week.  Even though the weather has been challenging, we are grateful to be able to provide you with fruits and vegetables grown on small family farms, close to home.

Family News:  Today our family is celebrating “virtually” the 21st birthday of our Grandson Daniel.  A special birthday indeed!  If you know Daniel, send him a happy birthday wish, he would love it!

BERRY ALERT: Please eat your berries that you receive in your share first!  Berries are picked when they are ripe and ready to eat, so don’t let them set around a day or two before you enjoy them.  Eat them right away when you get them.  Here is a link to a recipe that I ran onto sort of accidentally when looking for another recipe.  Try it out this week if you’re looking for a berry recipe. I haven’t personally made this but it looks easy and delicious too.

Broccoli lowdown:
Last week, the broccoli was less than stellar. It just didn’t hold up well. We care for it just as we always do once it’s harvested, but the rains this spring just did a number on our broccoli. In our area we just had an overwhelming amount of rain and at the stage of growth the broccoli was in at the time, the excess rain seemed to prove too much for it according to our farm partner who grew the crop. We have now reached the point where the cool weather crops will start to be overtaken by warmer weather crops. It’s still too early for tomatoes, okra and corn, but other crops are on the horizon.

Cauliflower will be in some shares this week, so when you get it home remember that cauliflower is a vegetable that unless you plan on eating it within a couple or three day, we suggest freezing it. Here’s how to do that: According to Laurie Messing, a food science and nutrition instructor at Michigan State University’s Extension School, says to lay out the cauliflower florets on cooking sheets, place in the freezer, and once they’re ice cold, put them in plastic bags and pop back into  the freezer for later uses.

FARM FRIENDS: We really didn’t want to bring this up again, but last week there were some CSA members who did NOT wear a mask at pick up as we had requested and a few did not practice social distancing when getting out of their car.  So it has become necessary to ask once again. We have a long way to go before we get through this pandemic, we are all learning to adapt.

  • Please wear a mask when you arrive at your pick up location. 
  • If your pick up location is a DRIVE-THRU LOCATION, PLEASE, pop the trunk on your vehicle before getting in line. We are doing everything we can to keep everyone including ourselves safe during your pick up time. 
  • NOTE: We will only place your shares in the trunk of your vehicle.  We will not place them inside of your vehicle.  Drive thru locations are “no contact” locations. 

“What’s in the box this week”?  (Some, but not all will be in your share this week. Sometime it is necessary to make a substitution).   You will either receive Conehead cabbage ( I love this stuff!)   Napa Cabbage or  round Green Cabbage, Cauliflower, Green Onions, Zucchini, Green Beans, English Peas, Beets, Summer Squash.

Have a great week, stay safe and stay well!     Judy