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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Newsletter – July 11, 2022

Greetings friends!

I don’t know about you but I’ve had just about enough heat to last me for awhile.  These high 90’s and 100 degree temps don’t agree with me, much less put me in a good mood.  I look forward to the high 80’s these days, and I bet most of you do as well! We have had a few storms at the farm the latter part of last week and ended up with over two inches of rain, which was a blessing for sure. I would welcome a bit more rain.

Thanks go out to our home delivery members for being diligent in getting coolers with ice blocks inside set out on your delivery days. We get concerned when we drive up and don’t see a cooler setting out.  Summer heat will ruin your vegetables and produce if left outside.

What’s in my share this week?  We plan to have a wonderful share for you this week:  Yukon Gold potatoes have been harvested along with green beans to go with those potatoes. We should have more onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, plus eggplant, lettuce, zucchini and yellow summer squash.  Okra should be coming to you soon!

A “shout out” to our caring group of Coordinators at our delivery locations and also to our Neighborhood hosts and Delivery drivers!  Thank you for assisting our farm’s CSA members every week and getting everyone’s share to them.  You’re the best!

Most all of us can find something in our lives to be grateful for every day.  Every morning we get a new beginning – a chance to start over, the opportunity to grow as a person, to learn new things and to serve others even in small ways. Here at the farm, we are grateful for you, the members of our CSA community.  You give us the opportunity to earn our living by growing and delivering to your family, some of the best vegetables, fruit and produce available in our area.

For our CSA members who  have a few plants growing at their homes, especially a tomato plant or two.  If you haven’t seen these little beasts yet on your tomato plants, count yourself very lucky.  If you have seen them as they appear in the first photo, get out the BT and use it on them according to the directions.  BT is perfectly safe and we rely on it when they show up.  If you see the beasts (tomato hornworms) looking like the second photo, count yourself lucky because parasitic wasps have parasitized the worm and will kill it for you. So, just let it be.  You can also just pick them off when you see them – let the kiddos do it for you especially the boys, they will love it!

#1.  Photo credit: Treehugger

62 Tomato Hornworm Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images


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Have a great week, and enjoy your CSA share!