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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Newsletter June 28, 2021

Good afternoon everyone!

Everyone ready to celebrate the 4th of July? Many folks will head to the beach or to the mountains to celebrate Independence Day, Some of you will will enjoy the holiday with friends or family by having a backyard barbecue. Whatever you choose to do, be safe this holiday.

What’s in our share this week? Right now, our best “guesstimate” is: cucumbers, eggplant, squash, zucchini, bell peppers and sweet corn!  Following are two links to “click” on that will take you to two simple, quick and delicious ways to enjoy your Zucchini and Eggplant. Give both a try and let us know if you liked them.  Cling Peaches this week for the Fruit/Combo shares. AND

All the Farmers working together to bring you CSA from our farm, hope that you are enjoying the home grown food in your shares.

Did you know? That your farmers plant various crops for you three or four times for your CSA season. When you have a CSA program at your farm, this is a must in order to raise enough food for your CSA members for the entire season. It takes a lot of thought and planning in addition to experience to walk the fine line of having enough food and not having grown too much food. Any shares left unclaimed at the end of pick up time at our many delivery locations, arenalways given to Manna House in Huntsville. In the case of Nashville, our Coordinators at each delivery location determine where any unclaimed shares are donated. Local food is a precious commodity.

We are hoping that come mid July we will begin to have Freebies available for you. Watch for the announcement in your Newsletter on our website.

A couple of weeks ago John went out to start our bush hog to mow some of our pasture. As he lifted the bush hog blades off the ground he saw a full grown cat run away. He got off the tractor to investigate and under the bush hog were 6 tiny newborn kittens. We put them in a towel and placed them in a box near where they were found so the Mother could find them. She returned and must have been feeding them, but each day she took one out of the box and carried it somewhere else. This happened until there were only 3 left in the box. Then she didn’t come for a full day and the kittens were very hungry.  So, Elaine who works at the farm (and is known to many of you because she is one of our drivers) and I got a couple of kitten baby bottles and kitten replacement formula and have been feeding them. Their eyes are now open and they are doing well. They eat heartily and purr when you hold them. The rest of the time, they sleep. There are two boys and a girl and all three are very cute! Two are gray striped like tigers and the girl kitty is white. If anyone is interested in a feline companion they will be adoptable in about 7 weeks. I would take them all if I could but Asthma prevents me from having a kitten inside. Elaine keeps them at her home but she has two pets of her own – a cat and a dog.  We have many predators here, so outdoors is not an option for pets.

Home Delivery Members: Don’t forget to put your clean cooler out with last weeks ice block inside, for our driver this week!

Have a good week, and stay healthy,