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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Newsletter – June 8, 2021

Farm friends,

Our weather is unbelievable isn’t it? When I got up at 5 this morning it was muggy and then shortly it rained. Within an hour the sky was blue and we had a nice breeze with less humidity. Now it looks like rain again- As you probably know, farmers work at the whims of nature so please could we have a bit of stability Mother Nature?

“What’s in our shares this week”?  We have Zucchini, and – we have some Early sweet corn this week! Keep in mind this corn is first of the season for us, so it will only get better from now on. Onions, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Beets, Cabbage and more!  (At some pick up locations, shares may be different than at other locations-everyone gets what’s harvested for their delivery day)  Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions sound like the basis for a nice big tossed salad to me!

Here is a link to a recipe using the sweet corn in this weeks share:   I have not made this recipe yet myself,  but it sounds like a winner as a side dish. If you try it, let me know what you think and snap a photo and email it to me.

Strawberries are quickly phasing out for us, and same goes for the cabbages. I love berries and our cabbage has been delicious this season. Cabbage is so versatile and so nutritious, I really hate to see it go. I have used cabbage a lot in various recipes the past couple weeks. We hope you have enjoyed both of these crops as much as we have.

As a reminder, always use your berries within a day or two days at the most of getting them. We gobble ours up right away so trying to hold them over isn’t an issue for us. The rainy weather has been bad for the crop and for the folks trying to pick the berries.

Your Newsletter will be in this spot again next week, so until then, have a wonderful week and enjoy cooking with and eating your CSA share!