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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Newsletter Oct.13, 2020

Good morning!

It’s time to get the front door decorated and the Jack-o-Lanterns out, Halloween is just around the corner!  Though Trick or Treat may not be as popular this year, to be safe have some individually wrapped treats on hand just in case.

Sweet potatoes in bulk will be added to the online country store today, BUT they will not be delivered until your last delivery of the season.  The last delivery to your location whether you pick up your share or have home delivery – will be on your normal delivery day the week of Oct.31.  They will be delivered with your last CSA share.  So go online and order yours this afternoon.  Sweet potatoes hold over well during the cooler months if you store them at room temperature and don’t let them get cold or freeze.

In the country store we have cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

For members who have credit coming, we will be sending you an email with the amount of credit you have available to use.  You can use your credit to purchase from the country store or apply it toward a Spring-Summer 2021 CSA share.  We will begin registering for 2021 shares in early December.  Watch for our opening date for registration on the home page of our website.

Through the winter we will continue to post newsletters online on our website, but they will not be posted on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to check our website often in case we have something we think you would like to know about.  I will keep a couple of the most frequent Newsletters online for you to view during the winter months.

Please let us know how your family is doing this winter and how you are faring during these unpredictable times.  We are all learning how to improvise and to adapt in ways we never dreamed we could!

What’s in our shares this week?  (some but not all of the following will be in your shares this week.  Some shares may differ depending on the quantity of certain veggies we have harvested on your delivery day)  Acorn squash, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Summer squash, Bell peppers, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Carnival winter squash, Tomatoes and “Dixie Red” apples.

This week is #22 of our 24 week CSA season.  After your delivery this week, there will be 2 deliveries left.  This season ends the week of Oct.31. 

NOTE: HOME DELIVERY MEMBERS:  We have noticed that some CSA members  are not putting out their coolers on your home delivery day.  We will leave your share on delivery day, but we do not guarantee your vegetables if they are not placed in the cooler.

Here is a link to a wonderful recipe with variations, that you can make using either Acorn Squash or Carnival Winter squash:

I hope you will give this recipe a try!  Don’t forget to pick up your shares this week on your pick up day!