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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Newsletter Sept. 28, 2020

Greetings from the farm!

It has gotten cold here overnight!  It’s time now to think about getting in any flowers that you want to overwinter.  It may warm up again, but better be safe than sorry!

Interesting fact:  Did you know there are two full moons in the month of October? There’s one on Oct.1 and another on Oct.31?

With October nearly here, it’s time to start decorating the front door of your home and yard for the autumn season if you enjoy this fall activity. I always have. I also love seeing everyone’s  seasonal decor and I bet I’m not alone! We have really been seeing all your pretty yards of flowers and lawn decor as we travel from Owens Cross Roads to Madison, Harvest, Toney and on to Athens when making home deliveries this season.  I am going to try to capture a few of them on film and will post them on Doe Run Farms Facebook page soon.

A friendly reminder:  Next week in the online Country store we will offer bulk “Pea Ridge” sweet potatoes.  These are delicious and many of you have already had them in your shares.  They will hold over through the holidays and likely for a few more months if you store them properly.  Do not let them get chilled, they need to be stored at room temperature.  To receive them with your next CSA delivery, they must be ordered before Sunday evening.  

If you have CSA credit coming to you this season, you will receive an email from us letting you know the options you have for using your credit.

Farm News:

Some cool season crops are beginning to be harvested, and we are hoping that we will have some broccoli for you within the next two weeks.

Saga of the Homing Pigeon:  We made several calls trying to locate the owner of the bird and traced it to the breeder in Louisiana.  One of the legs had a band with an ID number on it, and the other leg had a band on it with what we found out later contained a microchip.  The breeder provided us with contact information for the owner who happened to live in Spring Hill Tn.

We called the owner and he came and picked up the pigeon.  This is where it gets interesting.  The pigeon is part of a flock of racing pigeons.  They are housed in “lofts”.

To race the pigeons, they are transported by the owner to a chosen location and all of the owners birds are released at a specific time.  The day this homing pigeon landed at our farm, he was released with a group of 13 other homing pigeons in Memphis.  They were all flying back to their loft in Spring Hill.  They all made it except #14 which flew off course and landed at the farm.

When they arrive back at their loft, there is a chip reader that registers the time each bird enters the loft using the microchip band and the ID band on the birds leg.  The owner knew one of his birds was missing. Luckily for the owner and the bird, we were able to reunite them.  We took care of the bird for 4 days, and it was a little female born in 2020.  Now you know the rest of the story, to borrow a phrase from Paul Harvey.

Thank you for being part of Doe Run Farm’s CSA. If you have any feedback you want to share with us, please feel free to email us.  If you get anything in your share that is not up to par, let us know right away so we can replace it at your next delivery.

A big “Thank You” to each of Doe Run Farms CSA volunteer Coordinators at your pick up locations.  Please let them know that you appreciate them being there each week to welcome you at your site.  We could not do without them.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and stay well!