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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Newsletter September 13, 2021

Good afternoon CSA friends,

We feel like Autumn’s in the air around the farms, though we know we still have some warm temperatures coming our way. The thought of that doesn’t stop me though from enjoying my coffee on the porch early in the morning with John, when it’s cool outside. I love looking out at the fields real early when the morning mist drifts out over the pastures before the sun begins to shine bright. So peaceful and always appreciated by both of us, but especially so in these troubled times. Try to take  a minute out during your busy day,  and find something in nature to look at that brings you peace, it will be time well spent.

What’s in our shares this week? A Squash Trifecta this week! Spaghetti squash, Delicata and Summer squash too. Onions, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Bell peppers Sweet peppers, Lettuce.

We are still being blessed with Tomatoes, thank goodness!  Our warm days and summer’s sun has concentrated the flavor of tomatoes and we still have tomatoes available on our farms right now. Try making fresh bruschetta or using it in homemade soups, salsas, gazpachos, or make a delicious Tomato pie.  Consider dehydrating or freezing some  to enjoy fresh tasting sauce or salsa once the harvest is over.

I ran upon these little goodies while looking on the Internet for something else today. I’m always looking for the best thing possible to store fresh fruit and vegetables for as long as I can. I thought maybe you might like to check these out for yourself! Here is the link:

Have a wonderful week, be well,