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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Newsletter, September 15, 2020

Good afternoon,

Wow, CSA season is moving right along.  We hope you have cooked up some wonderful recipes in your kitchen, using the food that’s been grown for you and your family!

You may have noticed with the inclusion of sweet potatoes and apples, that we are beginning the transition into autumn. This happens to be about my favorite time of the year! You will still get summer favorites in your shares, but there will be a mix of summer and fall until the season ends the last week of October.

I love the sight of pumpkins and mums in the yards, seasonal foods, the feel of the crisp fall air and warm steamy drinks that smell of spice. The hills in our part of the country  are also something to look forward to seeing in the fall,  they just explode with color in fall!

What’s in my share this week?  Sweet potatoes, summer squash, banana peppers, okra, bell peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, apple of the week: Golden Delicious!

Recipe of the week: Caramel Apple Coffee Cake:

Farm News: This year we will not be offering Autumn shares. We started our season a week late this spring, which would cause our Autumn season to be a very short one. If you recall, we had taken down our high tunnels this spring to move them closer to our greenhouse and packing room, so John and I will be reinstalling them before the 2021 CSA season begins. We erected our first two high tunnels together years ago, so we will do it again soon. We are 15 years older but we will give it a “go” anyway.

We have two high tunnels (unheated greenhouses) that have been taken down and are now for sale, so that’s two we won’t have to worry about putting back up. If you know anyone interested in buying one, let us know.

John and I hope you have enjoyed being able to stay in your cars and drive through to pick up your shares. Hopefully it has helped to keep Covid at bay, also a time saver and convenience for you. (especially on hot or rainy days). That was, and is still our goal. We deeply appreciate your consideration of us as shown by your mask wearing. Maybe next summer things will be different, we surely hope so—but if not, we will make whatever adjustments necessary.

Please keep the families in states affected by the widespread forest fires on the West coast, in your thoughts.  There are several that have lost homes and family members. We shouldn’t forget our friends on the Gulf coast either as they face threats from hurricanes this time of year. Last but not least, continue to remember those who have lost loved ones to Covid 19. Friends, please stay updated on the virus so you can take care good care of yourself and your families.

For CSA members having birthdays in September, September Birth Flowers are the Aster and the Morning Glory-both of which are symbols of love and affection.  Happy Birthday to our friends celebrating this month! 


September flower- Asters

September flower- Asters