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Chinese Napa Cabbage

Doe Run Farms May31, 2021

Good afternoon CSA members,

We hope you are enjoying the holiday, and are celebrating the memory of so many men and women who gave their lives to defend our democracy. We owe them all our gratitude.

Every farmer who contributes to your CSA share is knee deep in work at this time of the year. The first plantings have gone in and are beginning to be harvested. Succession planting has begun so that we can have something being harvested almost continuously to fill your boxes each week from here on out.

“What’s in our boxes this week”? Tomatoes, varieties of cabbage, squash, beets, green beans,cauliflower, English peas, green onions. (share boxes may differ from one location to another).
We are so excited this week because we will have early season Tomatoes and summer Squash for you along with some wonderful varieties of cabbages. Cabbages are in the Cruciferous family of vegetables and they are some of our healthiest veggies. This week you will have a Conehead cabbage, Napa cabbage or Round cabbage in your shares. All are extremely tender and delicious any way you use them. Personally I love the conehead cabbage cut up and steamed a few minutes until tender, and just add a bit of butter, with salt and pepper to taste. Couldn’t be easier.

Your Napa cabbage is delicious used in one of the many Asian salads that pop up on Google when you search for “Asian Noodle Salads”.  It is also delicious steamed, or even halved then grilled and dressed with an oil and vinegar dressing topped with crumbled feta cheese. Both cabbages are very versatile.  Round cabbage, my old fall back here is Cole slaw which I happen to love!  Good steamed, in casseroles, soups and on shredded on fish tacos too!

Please don’t throw away those beet greens-they are so nutritious and unbelievably good. The beet greens on your beets are wonderful sautéed in a bit of olive oil, red pepper flakes to taste, salt and pepper to taste and at the last minute add a splash of apple cider or red wine vinegar. Top them with crumbled cooked bacon. .

We hope you enjoy your share, and have a wonderful week,