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Okra coming I soon!

Good morning.

After a stormy afternoon and evening, we are back to normal on the farm. We were sitting on the screened porch and all of sudden it started getting really windy, rain came in over the hills from the south and the winds really picked up. We were driven inside and then, the power went off- with my squash casserole for dinner in the oven!

About 45 minutes later a neighbor came up the driveway and knocked on the door. She said she just came to check on us – that we must have had a microburst, or a small “twister” that hit on the road that runs in front of our house! We had no idea! We went to the end of our driveway to see our neighbor’s carport resting on their car and truck ,and damage to a good sized tree in their yard. Next door our neighbor lost a huge tree, which uprooted and fell across our road blocking it. (Old Petersburg Pike). One homeowner near us had a big tree fall into his house and yet another had the carport blown off.  We hope everyone is ok physically from all this, even though they must have all had quite a scare.

We lost a couple of fruit trees in the orchard, and had large branches broken from other trees in the yard but we are ok thankfully. The power finally came on and dinner was served, absent the squash casserole.

What’s in the box this week?  ( some of the following will not be in shares, some time we must substitute). Onion, summer squash, green beans, sweet corn, eggplant and cucumbers.

Veggie News: John is checking with our partner farms today to see how long before we will have enough tomatoes to begin adding some to everyone’s shares. I am hoping we can start today, but the tomatoes have not been early this year. They are worth the wait though, I can tell you that.

Tomato Tip: never refrigerate your tomatoes. They tend to acquire a “ mealy “ texture. (Kind of mushy-like).

Potato tip: soon you will begin to receive some Irish potatoes in your shares. Keep them in a cool, dark location to store. Sweet potatoes prefer a warmer location for storing.

Your Contact at your pick up location: Check the previously posted Newsletters on this website ( to find the contact information for the good people who pass out your shares at your pick up locations. Do reach out to them if we are delayed by an emergency on delivery day, or if you have an emergency on delivery day.

We hope all is well at your house, and continue to wear your masks at pickup please-we thank you so much for doing that!  Using words from my long ago childhood, “play like “ we have the virus and stay at least six feet away from us, and we will “play like” you have it too and we will stay six feet from you!

One day we will get to visit again and be able to give hugs freely. Tomorrow would not be soon enough for me!

Until next week, stay well,