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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

What is community supported agriculture?

Summer Shares with Doe Run FarmsWhat is CSA?

CCommunity   SSupporting   AAgriculture 

CSA is a mutually beneficial relationship that’s built between Individuals, Families and a Farmer(s). In this relationship,  the farms supporters purchase a weekly share of the farm’s harvest in advance of the season, to help the farmer with his operating costs throughout the season. In exchange for this, the supporters receive a weekly delivery at harvest time of the farm’s bounty for a definite number of weeks. The  purpose of a CSA farm is to grow food crops for their farm supporters, their CSA Community. Our farms supporters place value on eating fresh food grown close to home, food that can easily be traced back to the field where the plants began life. They know that fresh food is always more nutritious and put simply, it just tastes better!

Why purchase a weekly farm box from Doe Run Farms?

Food Lover's Shares with Doe Run FarmsHere are a few of the benefits you receive with your purchase:  
  • No need to worry about missing your farm box for travel or vacation!  We offer you a 3 week credit, or a make up box to be delivered at another time during the current season, when you travel for business or vacation for up to 3 weeks. Just give us a 24 hour “heads up”.
  • “How To”  information included with every box.  Find out what’s in your box, tips on care and storage, plus recipes, all packaged in our weekly electronic newsletter.
  • Customize your box from our freebie boxes at your pick up location. Once the harvest season is in full swing, we send extras to our delivery locations so you can help yourself to more of your favorites, if you are so inclined! We have done this every year and everyone loves getting these extras. These are items that we have too few of, to give to everyone.
  • You may change your pick up location during the delivery season if you like. We have many convenient pick up locations. We only ask that you give us 24 hour notice to arrange the change.
  • Make use of the Payment plan to pay for your farm box.There is a 4% charge for the convenience of using the payment plan.  This charge is spread over the 4 payments of the payment plan. The charge goes toward administering the plan over the 24 week season.
  • Major credit cards are accepted for payment. You are not charged a fee for using your credit card, unless you use the Payment plan.
  • Workplace deliveryIf you’d like us to deliver to your workplace, get a group together, get an ok for us to make the deliveries, and we’ll will bring your box to your workplace!
  • Home Deliveries: Available to single family homes in most locations, (no condos or apartments). Email the farm to see if your address is included within our delivery area.
  • Purchase seasonal Bulk items such as tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, berries and peaches for canning, freezing and dehydrating. Regional specialty items are also available from the online store.

Order items in the online Country store and have them delivered with weekly farm box. Deadline to order from the country store,  is always the Sunday night before your next delivery.

Wondering if CSA is right for you?  If you eat out most meals, travel a lot for extended periods of time, or if by your own admission you are a “picky” eater that prefers to eat only one or two kinds of vegetables, then a weekly farm box is not a good fit for you. But, if you’re interested in (1) improving your overall health and well being as well as that of your family (2) you enjoy home cooked meals along with an occasional meal out, and you are open to trying something new now and then, (3) you want to eat “locally grown” food as much as possible because you believe it is not only healthier and fresh, but tastes better too, chances are good that a weekly farm box would make eating healthy fun!

I’m in, how do I register?

Visit our online country store to open an account and purchase a weekly farm box.

**Please print and retain a copy of your registration form to have on hand for reference.