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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

How Deliveries Work, Payment Policy Etc.

Payment and Refund Policy:

 I understand and accept that once I register for my weekly farm box,  I have reserved my place in the Late season.  The farm doesn’t issue refunds once deliveries begin

NOTE: If for some reason you are unable to finish the remainder of the  season once deliveries begin, you may elect to do one of the following: (1) give the remainder of weeks left in the delivery season to a relative or friend, or (2) you may sell the remainder of the remaining weeks of deliveries to someone. Let us know at the farm who will be taking delivery of your weekly box.


  1.  I understand that my weekly deliveries will be delivered to me at my chosen pick up location each week. It is my responsibility to pick up my box during the allotted time period on delivery day, at the location I selected on my registration form. I may also ask a friend to pick up for me if I am to  unable pick up. If you have an emergency DURING pick up time, call your coordinator.  We will send out a newsletter containing the Coordinator’s contact numbers.  Please read your weekly Newsletters for any announcements that you need to know about during the season. 

2.  The farm delivers ONE share for me each week, and if I or someone I have asked to pick up my share doesn’t pick it up, my share will be donated.  Once my share is packed and delivered to my designated pick up location –  that counts as my share for the week.  If the farm is notified by email at least 24 hours in advance of my delivery day that I will not be able to pick up my share, I have options available. I have 2 weeks during the current season, that I can miss pick up and have my share delivered at a later date during the current season, or use the credit in the online country store. I can also give my box to a friend if they want to pick up the box in my absence. The two weeks credit can also be applied to the next season’s registration cost.

3.   I may pickup my share at other pick up locations occasionally.  A 24 hour notice  prior to my scheduled delivery day, is requested.   FILL OUT YOUR REGISTRATION FORM, DOWNLOAD AND PRINT A COPY OF YOUR REGISTRATION FORM + THE GUIDELINES.  THE LINK TO THE GUIDELINES IS PRINTED ON YOUR REGISTRATION FORM RECEIPT.