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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Pick Up Responsibility, Refunds and Agreement (the fine print)

CSA Shareholder responsibilities: 

With your registration you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the information provided on the farm website. We ask that you become familiar with the CSA Guidelines which will be of help to you throughout the season. CSA Guidelines will be emailed to you a few days before deliveries begin. 

  • As a CSA shareholder, you assume the responsibility for picking up your box at the designated time and day of the week. You may also have someone else pick it up for you. Please be sure they know what they are to pick up, and where to go for pickup. Boxes not picked up are donated once pick up time has passed. 
  • No credit is given for a missed pick up –  unless you have notified the farm 48 hrs. prior to delivery that no one will be there to get your box.  If you have a last minute emergency, please follow the instructions in your CSA Guidelines about who to contact if this should happen. Keep phone numbers given in your Guidelines handy for quick access.  
  • You receive only one CSA share each week, and if your box is delivered to your delivery location, this counts as your box for the week.
  • Changing Pick Up locations during the season:  If you need to change your pick up location occasionally during the season, you can change with a 48 hours notice to the farm by email. The farm will send you confirmation of this change a day or two before this delivery is made.
  • Once deliveries begin no refunds are issued. You may (1) give the remainder of weeks left in the delivery season to a relative or friend, or (2) you may sell the remainder of the remaining weeks of deliveries to someone. Let us know at the farm who will be taking your delivery if you sell to another.
  • Note:  When you fill out your online registration form, make a copy of your registration form  for yourself.