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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Choosing a Farm Box size

Farm Box Descriptions:  18 Week CSA Season (begins mid May)

Doe Run Farms offers 3 Farm Box sizes to choose from during the spring-summer season,(Large, Medium and Small).  Our farm offers weekly deliveries to numerous drop off locations, workplaces, and homes in southern Tennessee and north Alabama.

To determine which size share you’d like, take into consideration how many are in your family that eat most of their meals at home, as well as your family’s eating habits. Both the Large and Medium size boxes can be shared with another person. (ONE CHECK OR CREDIT CARD PLEASE IF SHARED)

(1) The Large Farm Box is well suited to the larger or extended family, or even smaller families with children or young adults that are not “picky eaters” and eat most of what’s prepared for them. If you enjoy all kinds of vegetables, crisp produce, and local seasonal fruit occasionally, then this is the box for you. For those families that mostly stay in for their meals.   $1296

(2) The Medium Farm Box delivers a colorful and varied assortment of seasonal vegetables and produce, plus local seasonal fruit occasionally.  The Medium box is our most popular size box. Families who eat most meals at home, but enjoy eating out once in awhile, usually select this size box. This size is also often chosen when sharing the box with another person. Just bring a tote bag to pick up and divide up the box at your car. Friends that share a box often add on a Fruit or Tomato share when splitting a CSA box.  $810 

The Small Farm Box is designed to be perfect for an individual or a couple.  This size offers smaller quantities and a bit less variety than is offered in the Medium box, so that you are not overwhelmed with more food than you want or need.  If you just can’t get enough tomatoes or seasonal fruit in the summertime, add on a Tomato share, a Fruit share or a Combo share!   $576

Add On Shares: Our newest share addition to the Food Lover’s shares are the “Combo Shares”, which satisfies your taste hankering for fruit and tomatoes. Fruit usually starts off your combo share since fruit is harvested earlier than tomatoes.  Once tomatoes are being harvested regularly at the farms, we will begin to alternate weeks with fruit. One week you get fruit, the next week tomatoes. Check the website for descriptions of our other add on shares (Fruit Lover’s share and the Tomato Lover’s share)

If you order a CSA share and find that it’s too small to fit your needs, we will be happy to move you up to the next size and adjust the price.  Note: We are unable to downsize shares. Please consider sharing any extras with a relative or friend or neighbor. 

Please visit the FAQ  (frequently asked questions) page and read  “What can I expect in my weekly farm boxes?” for more information on shares. 

           All CSA shares are purchased through the Doe Run Farms Country Store.

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