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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

About The Farmers

Doe Run Farm, Petersburg, TennesseeDoe Run Farm is located in a rural picturesque valley, surrounded by the gently rolling hills of southern middle Tennessee.  Located midway between Huntsville and Nashville, we deliver CSA shares to both areas every week.   You may pick up at one of our pick up locations, take advantage of our home delivery service or we can deliver to your workplace.

Our farm offers an outstanding selection of seasonal vegetables each week in your farm box. Fresh produce is included too, plus fruit or berries seasonally.  We grow many of your “old time favorites”, and there’s also a few new introductions each season to tempt your taste buds.

Here is how we grow our crops…our farming methods.

At Doe Run Farms, we use organic methods learned before and during the years our farm was certified organic. We made a decision not to re-certify our farm a few years ago, due to the amount of paperwork involved for a small diversified farm such as ours, plus the time involved and the costs which are significant. We continue to farm today using the same methods as we did when we were certified organic.

Our farm as well as our partner farms are all small, sustainable farms. To raise our crops most of us  grow our own transplants from seed, apply compost in our tunnels and on our fields as needed, and  use cover crops to help provide nutrients  and minimize weed growth to fields when the fields are not in crop production  We always grow in raised beds using mulch, we utilize drip irrigation, and we rotate our crops to better control insects and the spread of plant disease. We never use GMO seeds or treated seeds.On our farm we also grow flowers in our fields to attract beneficial insects that help to deter bad insects from setting up shop!  Some of our farmers that grow fruits for us such as peaches and apples, as well as our sweet potato farmer, use non organic methods in order to grow peaches and apples that are worm free, and sweet potatoes that are marketable.

By growing a rich diversity of plants every season instead of planting the same crop year after year in the same field, helps ensure a  thriving ecosystem on our farms. If during our growing season, a particular crop has a disease issue or an insect problem that needs attention, our first treatment of choice would be an organic treatment method.  However, since we are in our fields on a daily basis and if we detect a problem, more often than not we can just pull out the affected plant(s) by their roots, and burn them. Early detection prevents larger problems.

About Doe Run Farms…the personal side.

John & Judy McGary, owners of Doe Run FarmsLet us introduce ourselves-

John and Judy McGary are the owner- farmers at Doe Run Farms. We have lived in the northern Alabama and southern Tennessee areas for the past 50 years.

Our families were farmers in Kentucky and like a lot of other young folks, we really didn’t want to stay down on the farm once we finished school. So, we married and moved away to pursue our careers and begin our family. The years passed and our children grew up and began their own lives.  When the time came for us to retire, the call of the country and a life on the farm beckoned us back to our roots and so here we are, living and working on our farm in southern Tennessee.

For three years we sold our crops at the Franklin Tennessee farmers market and the Madison Alabama farmers market. The past 12 years we have continued to grow many crops on our farm, and they are sold only through our Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA).

How our farm has evolved..

Through the years we became friends with several other farmers in our area of north Alabama and southern Tennessee. We learned that some were real experts at growing certain crops.  Generally these were crops they really enjoyed growing year after year. (Every farmer has some crops they’d rather not grow.)   Over time, between us we decided on a plan that would be beneficial to them and that would help us to provide more diversity in our weekly CSA shares . Our friendships that developed into a partnership, guaranteed our CSA program a consistent, more diverse supply of vegetables, fruit, and produce throughout the seasons than what we could provide our customers on the amount of land that we farmed. In turn, it provided our farm partners with an outlet for the sale of their crops which they didn’t have previously, and with no sales effort or time spent away from their farms.   As of today there are a dozen farms in addition to ours, that contribute to your weekly CSA share over the season. Your CSA share purchase from Doe Run Farms helps to keep our farms economically viable.

We are blessed with an outstanding CSA community of farm supporters, and we are pleased that we can add to the stability of our partner farms because of Doe Run Farm’s  CSA program.