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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

CSA Shares

Share Descriptions & Prices listed below:

Doe Run Farms offers you 3 CSA share sizes to choose from, all delivered weekly to numerous locations throughout southernTennessee and north Alabama. Prices start at $414 for the 18 week season. Your shares are primarily vegetables and fresh produce, but we also add juicy local strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches and apples in your shares too when they are in season, and as often as we can. The amount of fruit/berries is always dependent on the fruit harvest.

Note:  To determine which share size you’d like, take into consideration how many are in your family that eat most of their meals at home, as well as your family’s eating habits. Hungry teenagers that aren’t picky eaters?  Go for the Regular share!

(1) Individual share, which is ideal for a single household, offers you the opportunity to have a sampling of fresh home grown vegetables and produce, throughout the week. Add a Fruit Lover’s share, an Eat’s and Treats or a Tomato Lover’s share to compliment your Individual share. Price: $414 for the  season, which breaks down to $23 a week. 

(2) Our Mini share delivers a colorful and delicious assortment of seasonal vegetables and produce plus fruit as often as is possible.  The Mini share is a perfect size for most families, for couples, for couples with a toddler or two, or for folks that like to cook some and eat out too. If your family has teens that you would describe as “picky” eaters, but you like vegetables and salads, this is the share for you. Perfect for Senior couples that want the flexibility of cooking healthy meals at home but enjoy eating out when the notion strikes them. Price: $591 for the season, which breaks down to $33 a week.  

(3) Our Regular share is a what we would call a robust size for shareholders that like to cook most meals at home, have young adults at home that aren’t “picky eaters” and that still enjoy eating out occasionally during the week. Everything in your CSA share is locally grown on one of our small family farms located in southern Tennessee or north Alabama. Price: $966 for the season, which breaks down to $54 a week.

“COMING Mid-Spring”  Express CSA share: This share is for anyone that wants to take part in CSA but would like to have the share “overnighted” to their door! Purchase this share and never worry about leaving home to pick up your share! Live in Clarksville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Birmingham, south Alabama or north Florida?  No problem! Send us an email and we will let you know if you are in our shipping area.  You can still join our CSA this season and experience the absolute best when it comes to fresh home-grown veggies and fruit. Pay a little more and we’ll ship it to your door-overnight!  Stay tuned for more information.  

The vegetables and fruit in your share each week will be based on whats being harvested from our fields on your delivery day. Some  weeks harvest will be heavier than others, that’s just the way our garden grows! We harvest every day except Sundays when we rest. Please visit the FAQ page and read “What can I expect in my CSA share?” for more information. 

All shares are purchased through the Doe Run Farms Country Store.
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