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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

About The Farm and Farmers

Doe Run Farm, Petersburg, Tennessee

Doe Run Farm is located midway between Huntsville and Nashville. We deliver weekly farm boxes through our CSA program to both areas. You may pick up at one of our many pick up locations, take advantage of our Home delivery service or, we can deliver to your Workplace for the convenience of employees.

Here is how we grow our crops…our farming methods.

At Doe Run Farms, we use organic methods learned before and during the years our farm was certified organic. We made a decision not to re-certify our farm a few years ago, due to the amount of paperwork involved for a small diversified farm such as ours. We continue to farm today using the same methods as we did when we were certified organic.

Our farm as well as our partner farms are all small, sustainable farms. To raise our crops we grow our own transplants from seed, apply compost inside our tunnels and on our fields as needed, use cover crops to help provide nutrients  and minimize weed growth to fields when the fields are not in crop production  We grow in raised beds using mulch, utilize drip irrigation, and  rotate our crops to better control insects and the spread of plant disease. We do not use GMO seeds. On our farm we also grow flowers in our fields to attract beneficial insects that help to deter predatory insects from setting up shop!  The farmers that grow fruits for us such as peaches and apples and our sweet potato farmer, use non organic methods in order to grow peaches and apples that are not wormy, and to grow sweet potatoes that are marketable. Wash all of your fruit well before serving just as we suggest you do with your vegetables, no matter where it’s grown.

During our growing season, if a particular crop has a disease issue or an insect problem that needs attention, our first treatment of choice would be an organic treatment method.  However, more often than not since our farms are relatively small ones, we can just pull out the affected plant(s) by their roots, and burn them. Early detection often prevents larger problems, and we are in our fields every day except Sunday.

About your Farmers at Doe Run Farms…the personal side.

Some twenty years ago we retired from previous careers. John, an Electrical engineer and I (Judy), a Registered nurse.  Upon retirement, we decided to downsize after raising our family in Huntsville Alabama. We purchased 27 acres in the small rural community of Bidwell Tn.(near Fayetteville),and built our home.  Now that we live on a farm, the big question was what are we going to do with the land?  We decided we would begin to grow our own food. Some of the time, things got a little out of hand because there were so many vegetables we wanted to grow, and they grew so well that we were over run with veggies! At that point, we decided we would try our hand at being vendors at two farmers markets. Over three years, we were blessed with regular customers that shopped with us every week when they visited the market.  At the same time, we realized that we were spending quite a bit of time away from the farm and each week was hit and miss when it came to the question “are we taking too much to the market this week, or have we taken enough to market this week”? We needed a way to better plan for how much food we needed to grow on a regular basis, that would meet the needs of our customers and not result in waste and time off the farm.

We concluded that our time would be better spent establishing a weekly CSA program, that would be supported by a community who like us, enjoy the benefits of fresh, wholesome locally grown food. We began our farm box program 13 years ago with 6 customers signing up initially. After looking back through our records over a 13 year period, we have packed a total of 132,429 boxes and delivered them to the Nashville and Huntsville areas, with not one delivery missed. Our truck did break down once, but everyone received delivery one day later.

Even after all these years, we remain enthusiastic about farming, good food and sustainability. Our farm supporters are passionate about the enjoyment of fresh locally grown, high quality food grown  close to their home.We are blessed in so many ways; with our farm which gives us a way to earn our income, the friendship we share with our partner farms, their families and with our farm supporters and their families. We are blessed with the good health to continue our work on the farm, and with a community of Individuals and Families who place their trust and confidence in us each growing season.

We owe each of our farm supporters a large debt of gratitude.  We also thank God for his love and generous blessings!    Judy and John McGary, Farmers at Doe Run Farms

John & Judy McGary, owners of Doe Run Farms