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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I’m new to having a weekly Farm Box, so what do I need to know before registering?

When you register for CSA, you acknowledge understanding that you are making an agreement with your farmers to grow food for you for length of the spring/summer season. No refunds are made once we begin deliveries.  

If you order a CSA share and find that it’s too small to fit your needs, we will be happy to move you up to the next size and adjust the price.

   We are unable to downsize CSA shares once the CSA season begins.  


How do I register?

  1. First, go to the registration page. Pricing for all of our different Farm Boxes can be found there.
  2. Click “My Account.” If this is your first time visiting the online store, click the “Create an account” button. If you already have an online account, enter your login information and login to your account.
  3. Return to the store page to view available boxes available for you to purchase. Select the items you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart.” Be sure click on the link that tells you to print out a copy of the CSA Guidelines!  (it is in red text)
  4. When you are ready to purchase, click the checkout button. Follow the step by step directions provided at checkout.
  5. If you would like Home Delivery, check with the farm to see if you are within our delivery area. If you are in our delivery area, there is a one time fee of $275 which will be added to your order.
  6. If you will be picking up your farm box at one of our approved workplace pick up locations, please include the name of your workplace in the “Company Name” field under the billing address. Email us and we will help if you have trouble getting registered .  (


How do I pay for my CSA share?

You can pay for your farm box by check, by credit card or by using the convenient Payment Plan. We accept MC/Visa/Discover/Amex. You are not charged a service fee for using your credit card to pay in full for your CSA share.

You are charged a 4% service fee when using the Payment Plan. The Payment splits the total cost of your order into 4 monthly payments.   Your purchase through our Country Store is on a secured website.


Using a Credit Card for Payment?  If the credit card you use to register should change in any way, (expires, name change, fraudulent use etc) please notify the farm immediately so your credit card payment won’t be affected. If there is trouble in processing your payment, you will receive an email notification containing instructions for how to submit a manual payment. Please be in touch with the farm when you receive a notification that your payment is not processing.  


Can I purchase any or all of the Food Lovers boxes without purchasing a Large, Medium or Small Farm Box?

The Food Lover’s Shares are offered for sale only to those that are participating in the seasonal Farm Box program.


Will I save money?

We comparison shop at Fresh Market and Publix throughout the CSA season.  By comparison, our CSA prices are consistently better, and our food has “home grown, fresh from the farm” flavor that cannot be duplicated.  Local food means fresh food.


When does the next season begin and how long does it last?

The 2020 spring/summer delivery season begins in early May and is 24 weeks in length.  Your delivery days depend on which location you have chosen as your pick up site. Email or call us if you have a question about where and when to pick up your shares  


When do I need to register and purchase my Farm Box?

The earlier you register the more benefits you receive!  We offer you special savings/discounts with your early registration, your share is reserved for you for the season, you can choose your favorite pick up location, and you can add on one of our “Food Lover’s” shares while they’re available, if you like. “Food Lover’s” shares are very popular and may become limited. 


What if I go on vacation during the delivery season?

You have options for receiving credit for missed shares due to vacation or travel during the summer season.  You will find the options listed in your CSA Guidelines which are emailed to you a few days before the first delivery of the season.  Please become familiar with your Guidelines.  Advise the farm by email prior to your delivery day, if you know you will not be picking up your share.  


Do you offer Home Delivery?    (Home Delivery slots are filled for summer 2020)

Yes!  Our Home Delivery Service is ideal if you are a busy Mom that’s always on the “go” with the kids, a professional with a busy lifestyle, or you simply want the convenience of not leaving the house to  pick up your farm box! Our delivery charge is reasonable and you do not need to be home when your delivery is made.


Are the ingredients in the boxes washed?

Everything in your share has been rinsed clean and cooled down before packing, to preserve the freshness of your share.  This also eliminates bringing soil laden veggies into your kitchen. However, the food is NOT table ready, you should always wash it before serving. Everything in your share is minimally handled, packed carefully, and delivered in refrigerated vehicles to assure  freshness.


Can I share a box with a friend?

Sure,  but if you choose to split a box we ask you to bring a tote bag to divide up the share at your car. Dividing up your box at the car, minimizes confusion when other members are picking up their boxes. Some shareholders that are single, or seniors for example, go together to split a Medium farm box and one or both then supplements by adding on a Tomato Share or a Fruit Share.  Both of these add on shares are very popular with our Shareholders and because of this, we suggest ordering them when you register for CSA.


May I change my pick up location occasionally?

Yes, you may pickup your box at another pick up location occasionally.  A 48 hour notice by email  prior to your scheduled delivery day, is required. We will send you a confirmation by email a couple of days before your change is to take place, to let you know we received your request. A confirmation is necessary.   PLEASE, don’t give this request to your coordinator or your driver – we make the changes here at the farm.


What if I forget to pick up my Farm Box?

No credit is given for a missed pick up share, unless you have notified the farm in advance that you will not be there to get your share.

IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY and you determine that you can’t make your pick up, please do one of the following: 

(1) If your driver passes out your shares each week, call your driver at the number given in one of our Newsletters just prior to the start of the season. He or she will try to arrange for your box to be picked up at one of our other delivery locations later in the day, if workable. If you don’t have the number give us a call at 931-659-6204 and we will give it to you.

(2) If one of our Volunteer Coordinators passes out your share, call them. 

(3) Ask a friend or co-worker to come pick up your share for you.

Note: We do not bring any unclaimed CSA shares back to the farm with us, they are donated each delivery day, once the last pick up of the day has ended. We do not deliver missed shares on other delivery days. 

Please, put the phone number of your Coordinator and your driver in your phone. If you can’t reach them or don’t have their number, call us at 931-625-2651.    

What can I expect in my Farm Boxes and how much produce is in a box?

There is no set amount of items or contents weight that you might expect each week of the  season. Some vegetables are bigger and weigh more than others. (for example, melons vs. blueberries in summertime) Some vegetable varieties are of a higher value for example, English peas vs.carrots or turnips, but their weight is less.  What you can expect in a weekly box is six to eight different kinds of fresh vegetables in variable amounts, seasonal fruit or berries when they are in season and we have an ample supply will be in your share, plus freshly harvested produce. Here are a few of the crops that will be in your share during spring and summer: Tomatoes, sweet corn, English peas, broccoli, cauliflower, green onions, carrots, lettuce, cantaloupe, kohlrabi, okra, bulb onions, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, garlic, summer squash, Irish potatoes, redskin potatoes, beets, spicy and sweet peppers, bell peppers, kale.