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Tennessee & Alabama CSA

Pick Up Locations

TENNESSEE:     All Locations are dependent upon participation.


Farmers Market pavilion: Wednesday:  Check with the farm for pick up time. 931-659-6204

Private Residence in Hermitage Hills, (The “Bonna’s” neighborhood).  Wednesday afternoonsYour neighborhood host will contact you either by email or phone a few days before deliveries begin to provide you with directions to their home, contact information and procedure for picking up your share. Your hosts are volunteers, please respect their pick up time. 
Maryland Farms Office Complex (105 Westpark Blvd)   Thursday /2:30 pm until 5:00 pm.  Pick up your box inside the building named HARPETH 3. Take the elevator to SUITE 415.  CSA shares will be available for pick up until 5:00 pm.  Once pick up time is over, any unclaimed boxes are donated. Please call 615-975-8300 if you have an issue on delivery day.
Ingram Content Group – Thursday – 1 Ingram Blvd. LaVergne   Employees Only   Check with your Coordinator Megan (Wellness Center), about where and when to pick up your CSA share.  
ALABAMA:       All locations are dependent upon participation. 
Monte Sano Mountain –  The Little Green Store  (next to the Community garden).  Tuesday / 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm    Your Coordinator: Elizabeth   will be up at the front of the building with the CSA shares.  Please park  and pop your trunk. Your share will be placed in your trunk.  Use caution pulling in and out of the parking lot.  
St. John Paul ll Catholic High School  
 7301 Old Madison Pike in Research Park, (look for our van or truck with farm logo).   Tuesday / 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm.   When arriving, pop your trunk, get in line and your Coordinator will place your share in your trunk.  Your Coordinator: Howard 
Cove Church – 366 Old Hwy. 431
Hampton Cove, Owens Cross Roads, Brownsboro  and Big Cove – 366 Old Hwy. 431  
When you get to the Church lot, pop your trunk before getting in line –  bear right in front of the church to get in line, and proceed to to the parking lot on the right side of the church. Use caution in the line please.  Your Coordinator will place your share in your trunk.     Tuesday / 4:00pm  to 4:45 pm     Your Coordinator:  Jj 
Weatherly Heights Baptist Church
1306 Canstatt Dr. SE (when facing front of the church from Canstatt, pick up is on left side of building near the tree line.  Please pop your trunk before getting in line, then drive to the spot where your Coordinator is and your share will be placed inside your trunk. Use caution when waiting in line.
Tuesday / 4:30pm  to 5:15 pm    Your Coordinator: Pat 
Good Shepherd Catholic Church
13550 Chaney Thompson Road SE   Form a line alongside of the Religious Education Center Building. Please pop your trunk before getting in line. Your Coordinator will place your share in your trunk. Use caution driving through   Tuesday / 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm    Coordinators: Trina & Linda.  
Holy Spirit Catholic SCHOOL
619 Airport Road (East Parking Lot)  Your Coordinator, Christi will have your shares. (Our delivery van may or may not be there)  Your Coordinator will be near one of the side doors located closest to the Soccer field.  Please, pop your trunk before entering the drive through line.  Use caution in driving through.  Tuesday / 5:30 to 6:15 pm     Coordinator: Christi.    
1002 Explorer Blvd. Employees only- Tuesday afternoon  Please Contact your Coordinator, Holly Holladay at one of the following numbers for the exact time and place to pick up your share at work this season:
Cell: 256-679-7906 or Office: 256-964-4215.
6725 Odyssey Dr.  Pick-up for SAIC employees and any Research Park employee working  in or near the SAIC building.  Pick uo your share in the Vendor Parking Space near the rear of building –  look for our farm van.     Tuesday / 2:45 to to  3:30  pm   Your Coordinator will be our farm’s delivery Driver, Howard. 
Madison  (Alabama) 
St. John’s Catholic Church    Madison, Al.   (Upper Parking Lot behind the Church)
1055 Hughes Road  (drive slow – children present)  Form a line on arrival, pop your trunk and your share will be placed in your trunk.   Use caution when in line to pick up shares –  Tuesday / 4:45pm to 5:30 pm  Coordinator: Kimberly  
Lamb of God Lutheran Church Madison, Al.
11716 County Line Rd.  Tuesday / 5:20 pm to 6:00 pm   On arrival at the church, pop your trunk and form a line in front of the church.  Your Coordinator will place your share in your trunk.  Please use caution in line, and drive away slowly.    Your Coordinator: Aimee
Stonebrier Neighborhood Pick Up    Madison, Al.
(Located off Wall Triana just north of Pine Grove Rd.  Wednesday afternoon – Your Neighborhood hosts: Rachel or Nate.  You will be notified by email or a phone call with pick your up time and directions a few days before your first delivery.  Your hosts are volunteers, do respect their pick up time. 
Athens, Alabama
Forest Hills Subdivision:   Wednesday – Your Neighborhood host will email you with information about pick up a few days before the start date.  This location is open to anyone that finds the location convenient for them to pick up their share.  Travis is your Coordinator and he can be reached at: 256-777-0695. Your Coordinator volunteers his time, show him some love!
HOME DELIVERY DAYS FOR THIS SEASON:     Home Delivery Slots are filled.
TENNESSEE:  Wednesday & Thursday                
ALABAMA:  Wednesday